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Venom; Anti-Venom; Toxin - Character Profile

Name:Venom; Anti-Venom; Toxin
Real Name:Eddie Brock
Sex:Male (original symbiote was possibly female)
Origin:Spider-Man universe
Base of Operations:Various,as hero and anti-heroe.
Created By:David Michelinie &Todd McFarlane
1st Appearance:As Venom:The Amazing Spider-Man #299(April 1988),as Anti-Venom:Amazing Spider-Man #569(October 2008)
Affiliations:Sinister Six,Revengers

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Last updated by Fig-Lord on August 14, 2014.
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2007Peter Parker / Eddie BrockWave 17 - Spider-Man 3Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
 1 Action Figures Produced
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