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Silver Surfer - Character Profile

Name:Silver Surfer
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Real Name:Norrin Radd
Base of Operations:Moblie
Created By:Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
1st Appearance:Fantastic Four #48
Affiliations:Herald of Galactus
Powers:Power Cosmic

What you do to save your world? Norrin Radd was faced with this choice. Confronting the massive cosmic entity named Galactus who threatened to consume the peaceful world of Zenn-La, Galactus said that only if Norrin Radd could find him another suitable world to devour, would Zenn-La be spared.

Desperate to save his home, Norrin agreed and was transformed into the Silver Surfer. Granted immense power by Galactus, he traveled the stars to find other worlds for the Devourer to consume. Worlds without life.

It did not take Galactus long to find out Norrin's plan. Enraged, Galactus stripped his Harold of his memories and humanity so that he could find more planets that would satisfy Galactus' hunger.

Eventually, The Silver Surfer came upon a small world rich with life and energy on the ends of the Milky Way Galaxy. The planet was Earth. The Silver Surfer signaled his master to the world, waiting for his arrival. In that time, he encountered the premiere superhero team of Earth, the Fantastic Four. Meeting them and the blind sculpter Alicia Masters, The Surfer came to a new understanding of the world.

Then, viewing the Fantastic Four's valiant, yet futile, struggle against Galactus, he made his choice. Rebelling against Galactus, he fought along side the Fantastic Four, enabling their victory.

However, this came at a great cost for Norrin Radd. He was exiled to Earth by Galactus, preventing him from ever leaving the Planet.

Eventually he was able to escape Earth and now roams the stars as an explorer.
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