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Annihilus - Character Profile

Real Name:Annihilus
Weight:200 lbs.
Origin:Planet of Arthros, Sector 17A Negative Zone
Base of Operations:Negative Zone
1st Appearance:Fantastic Four Annual #6
Powers:Annihilus' exoskeleton renders him superhumanly strong and durable. He can survive in space for up to a year via efficient energy and oxygen conversion and storage. Upon physical death, Annihilus spawns clones of himself.He can fly at 150 mph.

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Last updated by 12yearoldkid on May 29, 2009.
All Produced Annihilus Action Figures
1992AnnihilusSeries 3Marvel - Super HeroesToy Biz
1995AnnihilusSeries 3Fantastic FourToy Biz
2007AnnihilusAnnihilus SeriesMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Hasbro
2007AnnihilusAnnihilus SeriesMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Hasbro
2007Human Torch & AnnihilusSeries 5Marvel Super Hero SquadHasbro
 5 Action Figures Produced
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