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Danger - Character Profile

Real Name:Inapplicable
Weight:275 lbs.
Race:Artificial humanoid
Origin:Danger Room artificial intelligence
Base of Operations:Xavier Institute
Created By:Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (in X-Men #1,September 1963)
1st Appearance:Unindentified: X-Men #1(1964),as Danger Room: X-Men #2(1964),as Danger: Astonishing X-Men #9(2005)

The artificial intelligence of Danger Room collected information about weakness of the X-Men over the years. Then,gained some type of conciousness,make the X-Men destroy its command core,freeing it's programming,and then created a humanoid female with incredible power,when she confronts and defeat the X-Men as Danger. After it,travel to Genosha with one goal: defeat Charles Xavier.
Last updated by MCollector on July 2, 2012.
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