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Green Arrow - Character Profile

Name:Green Arrow
Real Name:Oliver Jonas Queen
Origin:Star City
Base of Operations:Justice League Watchtower
Created By:Mort Weisinger & George Papp
1st Appearance:More Fun Comics #73 (November 1971)
Affiliations:Justice League,Queen Industries,The Outsiders,Seven Soldiers of Victory

After survived some time in a desert island,Oliver "Ollie" Queen learned the ability of the bow and arrow. As a superhero,he fights for the people and the peace in the streets. Besides don't having any super power,he proved to be one of the best heroes of the Justice League.
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All Produced Green Arrow Action Figures
1978Green ArrowSuper HeroesWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1985Green ArrowSeries 2Super PowersKenner
1990Green ArrowPVC FiguresDC (Comics Spain)Comics Spain
1998Green ArrowDC DirectDC Direct
1998Alfred as Green ArrowJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 1998MAD MagazineDC Direct
1998Green ArrowWarner BrothersDC Super Heroes (Hasbro)Hasbro
1998Green ArrowJustice League America (JLA)Kenner
1999Green ArrowSilver Age CollectionDC Super Heroes (Hasbro)Hasbro
2000Green ArrowHard-Traveling HeroesDC Direct
2001Green Arrow & SpeedySilver AgeDC Direct
2003Silver Age Green Arrow / Black CanarySeries 2DC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesDC Direct
2005Green Arrow10" Scale - Blue BoxJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Green Arrow10" Scale - DC Super Heroes - Yellow BoxJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Black Canary / Superman / Green Arrow3-PacksJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Flash / Dr. Fate / Green Arrow3-PacksJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Green ArrowBlue CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2006Green ArrowSeries 1Identity CrisisDC Direct
2006Green ArrowSeries 1New FrontierDC Direct
2007Green ArrowSeries 5Justice League (Alex Ross)DC Direct
2007Green Arrow / DeathstrokeSeries 3DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2007Green Arrow / Volcana / Hawk3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Purple CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2008Green ArrowDeluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]DC DirectDC Direct
2008Green ArrowSeries 2SmallvilleDC Direct
2008Green Arrow / Supergirl / Ultra Humanite3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Purple CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2008Ultra-Humanite / Supergirl / Green Arrow3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Purple CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2009Green ArrowSeries 1History of the DC UniverseDC Direct
2009Green ArrowIdentity Crisis ClassicsJLADC Direct
2009Green Arrow (Crossbow)Batman Brave & The BoldMattel
2009Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) / Black Canary / Green Arrow3-PacksDC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009Green ArrowWave 4DC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009Green ArrowWave 9DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2011Green ArrowSeries 1Brightest DayDC Direct
2011Green ArrowWave 20DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2012Alfred as Green ArrowJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 2012MAD MagazineDC Direct
 34 Action Figures Produced
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