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Lex Luthor - Character Profile

Name:Lex Luthor
Affiliations:Injustice Gang

Lex Luthor is the fourth richest man in the world, and CEO of LexCorp. When Superman appeared in Metropolis, Lex tried to hire him, but Superman refused to use his powers for profit, and Lex's illegal means to get the hero's attention got him in legal trouble. Lex blamed Superman for this humiliation and swore to use all LexCorp resources to destroy the Last Son of Krypton.
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All Produced Lex Luthor Action Figures
1979Lex LuthorRed CardPocket Super HeroesMego
1984Lex LuthorSeries 1Super PowersKenner
1989Lex LuthorDC HeroesToy Biz
1995Super Heroes vs Super VillainsMulti-PacksSuperman - Animated SeriesKenner
1995Lex LuthorSuperman - Man of SteelKenner
1996Lex LuthorSeries 1Superman - Animated SeriesKenner
1998Lex LuthorSeries 1SmallvilleDC Direct
2000Lex LuthorClassic Silver AgeSuperman (DC Direct)DC Direct
2003Superman & Lex LuthorSuper FriendsDC Direct
2003Superman vs. Lex Luthor2-PacksJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004SupermanBox SetsDC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesDC Direct
2005Lex LuthorDeluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]DC DirectDC Direct
2005Lex LuthorFigurinesJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2006Lex LuthorSeries 4DC Super Heroes (Mattel)Mattel
2006Lex Luthor / Copperhead / Mirror Master3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Orange CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2006Lex Luthor (Missile Launching)Superman ReturnsMattel
2007Lex LuthorSeries 5Justice League (Alex Ross)DC Direct
2007Lex Luthor (Armored)Series 3 - Public Enemies 2Superman / BatmanDC Direct
2007Lex Luthor & Superman's RobotSuperman vs. DoomsdayDC Direct
2007Superman / Lex LuthorSeries 1DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2007Lex Luthor (Kryptonite Blaster)DC Super FriendsMattel
2007Lex LuthorDC Super Heroes - Purple CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2009Lex Luthor / Lexcorp Troopers (Blonde Hair)3-PacksDC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009Lex Luthor / Lexcorp Troopers (Brown Hair)3-PacksDC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009Lex LuthorWave 4DC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009Gotham City 5 (Wal-Mart)ExclusivesDC Universe ClassicsMattel
2009Cheetah / Shade / Lex Luthor (Prison Uniform)3-Packs - DC UniverseJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2010Lex Luthor (Orange Lantern)Series 08Blackest NightDC Direct
2010Superman / Lex Luthor / Power Girl3-PacksSuperman / Batman: Public EnemiesMattel
2010Superman / Hawkman / Batman / Major Force / Gorilla Grodd / President Luthor6-PacksSuperman / Batman: Public EnemiesMattel
2011Lex Luthor (Orange Lantern)Wave 17DC Universe ClassicsMattel
 31 Action Figures Produced
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