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Flash - Character Profile

Real Name:Bartholomew Henry Allen
Origin:Lab accident
Base of Operations:Watchtower
Created By:Gardner Fox & Harry Lampert
1st Appearance:Flash Comics #1 (January 1940)
Affiliations:Justice League,Speed Force

Barry Allen always wanted to be the fastest in anything. A freak lab accident infused Barry with elletrically chemicals that gifted him with unbeliavable superspeed. Now the Fastest Man Alive fights crime as The Flash!
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All Produced Flash Action Figures
1982FlashSeries 1G.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
1983Flash Series 1.5G.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
1984FlashSeries 1Super PowersKenner
1990FlashPVC FiguresDC (Comics Spain)Comics Spain
1990Flash (Running Arm Movement)DC HeroesToy Biz
1990Flash (Turbo Platform)DC HeroesToy Biz
1998Alfred as FlashJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 1998MAD MagazineDC Direct
1998Flash & Kid FlashSilver AgeDC Direct
1998FlashJustice League America (JLA)Kenner
2000Flash (Golden Age)Justice Society of AmericaDC Direct
2002Flash / Captain ColdSeries 1DC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesDC Direct
2003JLABox SetsDC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesDC Direct
2003Hourman (Golden Age) / FlashSeries 2DC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesDC Direct
2003Flying The FlashFlying FiguresJustice League (Fusion Toys)Fusion Toys
2003The FlashJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2003The Flash10" FiguresJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2003The FlashMega ArmorJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004FlashSeries 1First AppearanceDC Direct
2004FlashSeries 1JLADC Direct
2004First AppearanceGift SetsJustice League of AmericaDC Direct
2004Journey to Atlantis (Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Superman)4-PacksJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004The Flash vs. SlobotCyber TrakkersJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004The FlashHotwheelsJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004The Flash (Gray Armor)Mission VisionJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004The Flash (Spinning Weapon)Mission VisionJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004The Flash (Motorcycle)Mission Vision - MotorcyclesJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004The FlashMorph-GearJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2005FlashDeluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]DC DirectDC Direct
2005Flash (Golden Age)Deluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]DC DirectDC Direct
2005FlashSeries 1Justice League (Alex Ross)DC Direct
2005FlashMini FlyersC3 ConstructionDiamond Select
2005Mini Javelin (Flash / Martian Manhunter)Wave 2C3 ConstructionDiamond Select
2005FlashFigurinesJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2005The Flash (Deluxe Twin Turbo)Foreign ReleasesJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2005Flash10" Scale - DC Super Heroes - Purple BoxJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Flash / Dr. Fate / Green Arrow3-PacksJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Flash / Green Lantern / Atom Smasher3-PacksJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Flash / Green Lantern / Red Tornado3-PacksJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Flash / Hawkgirl / Waverider3-PacksJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005FlashDC Universe - Fan CollectionJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2006FlashSeries 2Identity CrisisDC Direct
2006FlashBatman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Flash / Green Lantern / Martian Manhunter3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Orange CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2006Anti-Amazo: The FlashBlue CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2006Flash (Damaged Uniform)Blue CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2006Flash (with Rotor)DC Super Heroes - Orange CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2007Flash (JSA Liberty Files)Series 4ElseworldsDC Direct
2007FlashSeries 2New FrontierDC Direct
2007FlashSeries 3 - Super FriendsReactivatedDC Direct
2007Wildcat / Flash (Golden Age)Series 4DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2007Flash (Running Action)DC Super FriendsMattel
2007Hawkman / Reverse Flash / Rocket Red3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Purple CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2007FlashDC Super Heroes - Purple CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2008Flash / Gorilla GroddSeries 7DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2008Sgt FlashWave 5G.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Hawkman / Rocket Red / Flash3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Purple CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2008Wonder Woman / Flash / Question3-Packs - DC UniverseJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2009FlashSeries 2History of the DC UniverseDC Direct
2009FlashIdentity Crisis ClassicsJLADC Direct
2009FlashClassic - Series 1JLA ClassifiedDC Direct
2009FlashSeries 1JLA ClassifiedDC Direct
2009Flash (Golden Age)Alex Ross - Series 1Justice Society of AmericaDC Direct
2009Anthony "Flash" GambelloCollection 2 - Wave 3G.I. Joe - Rise of CobraHasbro
2009Weather Wizard / Flash / Mirror Master3-PacksDC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009Flash (Wally West)Wave 4DC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009Flash (Jay Garrick)Wave 5DC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009FlashGiants of JusticeDC Universe ClassicsMattel
2009FlashWave 7DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2010Flash (Blue Lantern)Series 06Blackest NightDC Direct
2010Black Flash (Black Lantern)Series 08Blackest NightDC Direct
2010FlashSeries 2 - 2-PacksDC OriginsDC Direct
2011FlashSeries 1FlashpointDC Direct
2011Flash (Blue Lantern)Wave 17DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2011Reverse FlashWave 20DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2012Alfred as FlashJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 2012MAD MagazineDC Direct
2012Flash / Kid Flash[4" Scale]Young JusticeMattel
2013FlashWave 1DC Comics UnlimitedMattel
 77 Action Figures Produced
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