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Hawkgirl - Character Profile

Real Name:Kendra Saunders
Base of Operations:Watchtower
Created By:Geoff Johns,James Robinson & David Goyer
1st Appearance:JSA Secret Files #1 (August 1999)
Affiliations:Hawkman,Justice League

Orphan Kendra Saunders was destined to be the warrior Hawkgirl. Trained since her childhood,Kendra is a great hand-to-hand combatant and can wield a massive variety of war weapons. The Nth metal also gives her superior strenght and the ability to flight at great speed,fast healing proportions and super-acute visions.
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All Produced Hawkgirl Action Figures
1998Hawkman & HawkgirlDeluxe Action FiguresDC DirectDC Direct
2003Hawkman (Silver Age) / HawkgirlSeries 2DC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesDC Direct
2003HawkgirlJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004Hawkgirl10" FiguresJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2004HawkgirlSilver StormJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2005HawkgirlFigurinesJustice League (Mattel)Mattel
2005Hawkgirl10" Scale - Blue BoxJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Hawkgirl10" Scale - DC Super Heroes - Purple BoxJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Flash / Hawkgirl / Waverider3-PacksJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005Hawkgirl / Batman / Elongated Man3-PacksJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2005HawkgirlBlue CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2006HawkgirlJSADC Direct
2006Hawkgirl / Dr. Fate / Vixen3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Orange CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2007HawkgirlSeries 6Justice League (Alex Ross)DC Direct
2007Hawkman / HawkgirlSeries 5DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2007Green Lantern / Hawkgirl / The Ray3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Orange CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2008HawkgirlSeries 2Justice League of AmericaDC Direct
2009HawkgirlWave 8DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2010Hawkgirl (Black Lantern)Series 06Blackest NightDC Direct
2011HawkgirlSeries 1Brightest DayDC Direct
 20 Action Figures Produced
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