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Blue Beetle - Character Profile

Name:Blue Beetle
Real Name:Jaime Reyes
Height:5ft 8in
Base of Operations:El Paso
Created By:Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski
1st Appearance:Mystery Men Comics

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Last updated by JohntheBeast85 on May 20, 2014.
All Produced Blue Beetle Action Figures
2002Blue BeetleClassic HeroesDC Direct
2007Blue Beetle (Kingdom Come)Series 4ElseworldsDC Direct
2007Blue BeetleSeries 4 - Brave New WorldFirst AppearanceDC Direct
2007Blue Beetle (Stealth)Series 4 - Brave New WorldFirst AppearanceDC Direct
2007Booster Gold / Blue BeetleSeries 2DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2009Blue BeetleSeries 2Justice League InternationalDC Direct
2009Blue Beetle vs. Kanjar Ro2-PacksBatman Brave & The BoldMattel
2009Blue Beetle (Bug Zapper)Deluxe FiguresBatman Brave & The BoldMattel
2009Blue Beetle's Bug (with Blue Beetle)VehiclesBatman Brave & The BoldMattel
2009Cyber Tank (with Batman / Blue Beetle)VehiclesBatman Brave & The BoldMattel
2009Blue BeetleWave 7DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2010Blue BeetleWave 13DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2012Fire / Blue Beetle / Booster Gold3-Packs - DC UniverseJustice League UnlimitedMattel
 13 Action Figures Produced
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