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Salaak - Character Profile

Real Name:Salaak
Base of Operations:Oa
Created By:Marv Wolfman, Joe Staton
1st Appearance:Green Lantern #149
Affiliations:Green Lantern Corps

Selected by Guardians of Oa to be Green Lantern of Space Sector 1418. A famous pessimist and loner, Salaak was a creature of protocol and laws. A veteran Green Lantern, he served in many Corps campaigns over the years. During the battle with the Anti-Monitor, he protected multiple sectors but found the experience depressing and went to Earth looking for company amongst his fellow Green Lanterns. He served with the contingent of Green Lanterns assigned to Earth and became good friends with Ch'p of H'lven. For a time Salakk lived in the future filling the identity of Pol Manning, as Hal Jordan had before him (and was married to a human woman), but returned to the present day to warn about the destruction of the Corps. However he was too late to stop the execution of Sinestro. With the destruction of the power battery on Oa, Salakk's ring was made inoperable. He requested transport to H'lven where he was reunited with Ch'p. Salakk served briefly as Ch'p's advisor and friend until the two journeyed to Oa to ask for reinstatement into the Corps. After the reformation of the Corps, Salakk lived on Oa but was captured by slavers when Parallax destroyed the Guardians of the Universe. He was freed by Guy Gardner and was on Earth for the memorial service to Jordan. With the second reformation of the Corps, Salakk was selected as senior administrator and the Keeper of the Book of Oa. Due to this he was also selected as the Clarissi which means he is second in command after the Guardians of Oa.
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