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Deadshot - Character Profile

Real Name:Floyd Lawton
Height:6' 1
Weight:193 lbs.
Origin:Gotham City
Base of Operations:Mobile
Created By:David Vern Reed, Bob Kane, Lew Schwartz
1st Appearance:Batman #59 (1950)
Affiliations:Suicide Squad

Deadshot is an extremely skilled marksmen, who will "never miss," as he puts it. Floyd was born in a rich family, and idolized his older brother. An accident in his family caused Deadshot to become an assassin. He battled Batman in Gotham City. On one of his missions, he was caught and forced to join a government-run team of villains called the Suicide Squad. He works for Amanda Waller alongside Catman, Bronze Tiger, and others. He has no fear of death which makes him more deadly--he has nothing to lose.
Last updated by BobTheEgg on September 19, 2012.
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2014DeadshotWave 2Batman - Arkham OriginsDC Collectibles
2014Deadshot (Arkham Origins)Wave 1DC Comics MultiverseMattel
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