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Beast - Character Profile

Real Name:Henry McCoy
Height:5 ft 11 in
Weight:180 lbs
Base of Operations:The Xavier Center, Salem Center, New York City
Created By:Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
1st Appearance:X-Men vol. 1 #1
Affiliations:Avengers, X-Men

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Last updated by JohntheBeast85 on July 19, 2014.
All Produced Beast Action Figures
1994Beast vs. Spider-Man (Web Shooter)Wal-Mart ExclusivesSpider-Man - Animated SeriesToy Biz
1994Beast10" FiguresX-MenToy Biz
1994BeastSeries 6X-MenToy Biz
1995BeastClassicsX-MenToy Biz
1995Beast vs. Evil MorphSeries 3X-Men - Steel MutantsToy Biz
1996BeastMarvel UniverseToy Biz
1996Beast10" FiguresMarvel UniverseToy Biz
1996Beast (Heavy Metal)Mutant ArmorX-MenToy Biz
1996BeastSpace RidersX-MenToy Biz
1998BeastBattle BlastersX-MenToy Biz
1998BeastSuper ShootersX-MenToy Biz
2000BeastX-Men - ClassicsToy Biz
2003BeastSeries 4Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
2003BeastMarvel Universe Die-CastSpider-Man (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
2006Beast / Kitty PrydeWave 13 - Astonishing X-MenMarvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2006BeastIcons - Series 3Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
2006Beast (with Lab Coat)Icons - Series 3Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
2006BeastBattle Booster Packs - Series 3Marvel Legends ShowdownToy Biz
2006BeastBattle Booster Packs - Series 3Marvel Legends ShowdownToy Biz
2006Beast (Stealth)Series 1X-Men - 2006 SeriesToy Biz
2006Beast (Stealth)Series 1X-Men - 2006 SeriesToy Biz
2006Beast (Tech Gear)Series 2X-Men - 2006 SeriesToy Biz
2007Juggernaut / BeastWave 14 - X-Men: The Last StandMarvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2007Beast (X3)Annihilus SeriesMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Hasbro
2007Apocalypse & BeastMega Packs Series 2Marvel Super Hero SquadHasbro
2007Beast & IcemanSeries 4Marvel Super Hero SquadHasbro
2008Beast / AzazelToys R Us 2-Packs - X-Men: First ClassMarvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2008Beast (with tools & weapons)Wolverine and the X-MenHasbro
20091st Appearance X-Men Box SetExclusives - 2009Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2009Secret Invasion Box Set (Previews)Exclusives - 2009Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2009X-Factor Box SetExclusives - 2009Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2009BeastNemesis SeriesMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Hasbro
2009Avalanche & Beast (Astonishing)Series 13Marvel Super Hero SquadHasbro
2009Wolverine / Beast (Wal-Mart)SetsX-Men Origins: WolverineHasbro
2010Beast (90s) / Rogue (90s)Wave 34Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2012Beast (Astonishing X-Men)Wave 18Marvel Universe - Fury FilesHasbro
2014All New X-Men (Toys R Us)ExclusivesMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Hasbro
 37 Action Figures Produced
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