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Doomsday - Character Profile

Real Name:Doomsday
Weight:915 lbs
Origin:Death of Superman series
Base of Operations:Mobile
Created By:Dan Jurgens
1st Appearance:Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 17

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Last updated by Falconpunch98 on December 21, 2012.
All Produced Doomsday Action Figures
1996Hunter-Prey Superman vs Doomsday2-PacksSuperman - Man of SteelKenner
1998DoomsdaySuperman (DC Direct)DC Direct
2006DoomsdaySeries 2DC Super Heroes (Mattel)Mattel
2006Superman / Wonder Woman / Batman / Bizarro / Doomsday / AmazoBox SetsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2007DoomsdaySuperman vs. DoomsdayDC Direct
2007Superman vs. DoomsdayCollector SetsSuperman vs. DoomsdayDC Direct
2007Doomsday (Red)Series 5DC Super Heroes (Mattel)Mattel
2007Batman / Wonder Woman / Superman / Bizarro / Doomsday / AmazoBox SetsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
 8 Action Figures Produced
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