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Rogue - Character Profile

Real Name:Anna Marie
Origin:Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Base of Operations:New York
1st Appearance:Avengers Annual #10 (1981)
Affiliations:X-Men, formerly X.S.E, X-Treme X-Men, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Powers:Invulnerabily, Flight, Super Strength, Can absorb others' memories and abilities by touching skin.

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Last updated by 12yearoldkid on September 1, 2010.
All Produced Rogue Action Figures
1994RogueSeries 7X-MenToy Biz
1995Rogue vs. PyroSeries 3X-Men - Steel MutantsToy Biz
1996RogueCollector Series 2MarvelToy Biz
1996RogueMarvel UniverseToy Biz
1996Rogue (Ninja)10" FiguresMarvel UniverseToy Biz
1996Rogue10" FiguresX-MenToy Biz
1996RogueMonster ArmorX-MenToy Biz
1997Gambit & RogueFamous CouplesMarvelToy Biz
1997RogueX-Men ClassicsMarvel - Famous CoversToy Biz
1997RogueMarvel - Heavy Metal HeroesToy Biz
1998RoguePower SlammersX-MenToy Biz
1998Rogue vs. ZangiefSeries 2X-Men - vs Street FighterToy Biz
2000RogueX-Men - ClassicsToy Biz
2000Rogue (Cloak)Series 1X-Men - MovieToy Biz
2000Rogue (Battle Suit)Series 2X-Men - MovieToy Biz
2000Logan vs. RogueTwin PacksX-Men - MovieToy Biz
2006Rogue / MystiqueWave 11Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2006Rogue (X-Treme)Series 3X-Men - 2006 SeriesToy Biz
2006Rogue (X-Treme)Series 3X-Men - 2006 SeriesToy Biz
2007Gambit & RogueSeries 6Marvel Super Hero SquadHasbro
2010Beast (90s) / Rogue (90s)Wave 34Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2011Age of Apocalypse (Comic Con)Exclusives - 2011Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2011Age of X Box SetExclusives - 2011Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2013RoguePuck SeriesMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Hasbro
 24 Action Figures Produced
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