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Lasher - Character Profile

Real Name:Ramon Hernandez
Created By:David Michelinie, Ron Lim
1st Appearance:Venom: Lethal Protector #4
Affiliations:Life Foundation, Venom
Powers:Superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance

Lasher is one of 5 other symbiotes extracted from Venom by the Life Foundation. They were intended to be their protectors after the nuclear holocaust. When the Life Foundation chose hosts, Ramon Hernandez gained ownership of the Lasher symbiote before being defeated by Venom and Spider-Man, where Lasher was thought to have died. However, he resurfaced in Venom: Seperation anxiety, where he and the other hosts broke Eddie Brock out of prison in order to communicate with their symbiotes, believing they could still do some good with them. As the other hosts are picked off one by one, seemingly by Eddie Brock, until only Lasher, Riot, and Scream remained. As Lasher interrogated Brock, it was revealed Scream was the real murderer, killing Riot in front of Lasher and Brock. Failing to talk sense into Scream, Lasher was cut with a sonic knife, killing him. After that, with their hosts dead, the Life Foundation symbiotes were put into containment. At the conclusion of Planet of the Symbitoes, Venom unleashed a sonic scream killing all the invading symbiotes. The Life Foundation symbiotes were weakened and had to combine in order to stay alive. The resulting symbiote was Hybrid.
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1996LasherVenom - Planet of the SymbiotesSpider-Man (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
1996LasherVenom - Planet of the SymbiotesSpider-Man (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
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