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Cameron Hodge - Character Profile

Name:Cameron Hodge
Real Name:Cameron Hodge
Base of Operations:Mobile; Formerly Genosha
Created By:Bob Layton, Jackson Guice
1st Appearance:X-Factor Vol.1, #1
Affiliations:Phalanx, The Right
Powers:Immortality, Superhuman physical attributes & abilities granted through cybernetic body, Typical Phalanx abilities

Once the roommate of Warren Worthington III, Cameron Hodge (while posing as his friend) secretly harbored strong feelings of hatred towards his colleague, which were due to his envy of his roommate's wealth and handsome physical features. This eventually evolved into a hatred towards all mutants once it was revealed that Warren was one himself, this lead Hodge to establish the anti mutant organization called the Right, which would often clash with the mutant teams X-Men & X-Factor. He would later on appoint himself a spot in the government of the mutant oppressing nation Genosha. In doing this, Hodge would gain himself his very own set of super powers such as immortality when he made a pact with the demon N'Astirh. This would prove to be helpful when Warren Worthington, now under the title of Archangel, decapitated him with his metallic wings. This incident would give Hodge a new set of abilities, through the the use of a specially designed cybernetic body. He would then go on to absorb the alien Warlock's powers, giving him a techno organic physiology and the ability to assimilate organic and technological lifeforms. Having this ability, he and other mutant haters he had assimilated formed the covenant and eventual race known as the Phalanx and assimilated everything in it's path. The phalanx itself developed a mind of it's own, realizing it was greater than Hodge's, and turned on it's creator by killing off his brain and thus killing him. Sometime later Hodge was revived by the Purifiers, however this was short lived, as he was killed in a battle with the New Mutants, effectively ending his battle against mutants.
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