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Thing - Character Profile

Publisher:Marvel Comics
Real Name:Benjamin Jacob Grimm
Height:7' 5
Weight:1650 lbs.
Origin:Cosmic rays on a space flight
Base of Operations:Baxter Building, Four Freedoms Plaza, Pier Four
Created By:Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
1st Appearance:Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961)
Affiliations:Fantastic Four, UCWF, West Coast Avengers, Thunderriders, Yancy Street Gang
Powers:Super strength, superhuman durability, stamina and rock-like scales covering his skin

Ben Grimm was born on Yancy Street in New York's Lower East Side to a Jewish family. From early on, Benjamin experienced hardship and poverty, shaping the young Grimm into a tough, streetwise scrapper. Tragedy struck when Ben was only eight years old as his brother Daniel was cut down in a gang war. Soon after his parents died, further hardening the young man. He was sent to live with his Uncle Jake and Aunt Petunia

As years past, Ben excelled in High School Football and was awarded a scholarship to Empire State University where he would meet someone that would change his life forever. That man was Reed Richards, Ben's future life-long friend. Richards always talked of building a space rocket, to which Ben jokingly replied "If you build a rocket, I'll fly it!"

Following College, Ben joined the military and became a test piolt.

Years later, much to his surprise, he is contacted by Reed Richards who has built a space rocket and wants Ben to fly it. Unfortunately, the U.S. government denies Reed permission to fly the rocket, he plots a clandestine flight with himself, Ben, Susan Storm and her brother Johnny Storm. During the flight, the four are pelted by Cosmic Radiation which damages the ship, forcing them to crash land. Upon climbing from the wreck, the four discover the radiation has changed them into something fantastic. Unfortunately for Ben however, while the other three remained human in appearance, he was mutated into a rocky skinned Golem.

Horrified by his new form, Ben often sinks into depression as Reed tries to find a cure for his friend but has repeatedly failed. Even so, Ben Grimm now calling himself the Thing in a form of bitter humor, fights the good fight along side his team mates as the Ever Lovin', Golden Hearted Thing of the Fantastic Four. In doing so, he has achieved not only fame and at one point, a massive fortune, but the thing that was taken from him when he was young. In the Fantastic Four, Ben has found a family.
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