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Often Unbelievable Misguided Misadventures of the Plaid Ninja comic strip created by BotCustoms   Update Comic Strip
The Plaid Ninja was a concept created back in the mid 90s while I worked at a burger joint. I came to work in my ninja uniform for halloween and the assistant manager asked if uniforms came in other colors. The conversation eventually resulted in me asking "Yeah, what exactly would the purpose of a plaid ninja be?" He said that since we had discussed this stuff together that it was part his idea and that he never wanted so much as a thin dime for it, but to include his name in the credits and to include him whenever I talked about the origin. So, Bob Franzen, this dedication is for you, somewhere out there watching over us, buddy! This is Chapter 1. It's intended to be more serious than humorous, but entertaining nonetheless. Here we meet the villainous players in the bigger plot of the introduction of the new evil of the Unmaker and the heroic secret agent code-named the Plaid Ninja.
I hope you enjoyed this. More comics are posted on my website and I'll share more of them here as well.
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