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Predator: Pride and Humility comic strip created by Drak Customs   Update Comic Strip
A comic based off my Predator fan fiction featuring my Predator fan character, S'loss and Kree-Klii. They have a rivalry that dates back to them both being Young Bloods. When they're father went MIA, Kree-Klii and S'loss fought for the right to take their father's place to lead their clan. The battle left S'loss loosing his sight after Kree-Klii caused a Xenomorph's blood to splatter on S'loss' face and Kree-Klii swore revenge on S'loss for sparing his life rather than giving him an honorable death on the battle field. This is one of the many fights they've engaged in.
Drak Customs - Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Didn't realize the text would be unreadable. Updating with a newer version soon.

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