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Superman, Motu Style Custom Action Figure

Custom #:24857  
Name:Superman, Motu Style
Custom Type:Action Figure
Toy Series:Masters of the Universe
Creator:Jin Saotome  
Date Added:October 12, 2010
Base Figure:He Man Classics
Height:7.00 inches
The supes that came in the 2-pack was a little on the puny side when matched up against He-Man so I decided to make a Masters of the Universe style Superman! He was made from a He Man classics upper body, Zodac lower legs, Stratos feet, Hordak lower arms, and old 2002 he man hands. His head was a cast from a DCD figure and I gave him a Kryptonite sword, a special piece from Spy Monkey Creations! Yeah, I know, he shouldn't be holding it. But it would look silly laying on the ground! His chest emblem was hand-sculpted on too for that 3D look instead of just painted on.

User Comments
Shinobitron - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Apparently this thread needs to be locked as it went from talking about the figure to just bashing. To give credit to someone who made one is just unfathomable as by doing a search for the first may yield hundreds of hits and then whos to say whos the first. If you have problems with this then try looking a Transformers custom site, there is 100s of Bumblebee repaints. Let things be and worry about yourselves and your work.
MercuryARTstudios - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Wow!! Talk about shoot blowing up huh?!! We all said our peace, No need to keep arguing or measuring eachothers manhood!
Bottom line we need to work together and keep this friendly!! Who cares about who stole who's idea, it's an argument with no end, becuz u could be doing next without knowing.
AREZ KICK bum JOB!! JIN SAME THING Two whole different customs in my opinion, Obviously Arez didn't mind so why should anyone else!!
Let's keep them customs coming!
matthancock - Thursday, October 14, 2010
AREZ - I'll see you on the other boards champ. Done
HeartBreakCustoms - Thursday, October 14, 2010
matt hancock that was a obvious by me joke c'mon this hostility need to go the lady has a point no need for a civil war
Therapist - Thursday, October 14, 2010
I never said you. I was just making a general statement.
Cherry Bomb - Thursday, October 14, 2010
and the "nut riders" comment
Seriously. I've never seen crud like this at FigureRealm. It's disappointing.
AREZ - you kick AZZ as alwayz
I like to take long walks on the beach with Jin too so rather you ride his nuts or walk with him on the beach why does it matter in the end we all love jin this thread need to lighten up ASAP we are all friends united by common interest lets not have a civil war
matthancock - Thursday, October 14, 2010
and the "nut riders" comment
Seriously. I've never seen crud like this at FigureRealm. It's disappointing.
AREZ - you kick AZZ as alwayz
Therapist - Thursday, October 14, 2010
I personally know this is wrong... guess what I'm doing right now
Anywho. Nice custom Jin I'm normally not a fan of the MOTU style but hey when I see something I like that's all that matters. With that said I do like Arez's as well but English has the best of the three.
My two cents on this whole drama is. Yeah it does seem Jin only uses realm to advertise these days and I thinks a tad childish of his nut riders to resort to emperors new clothes tactics to get there way. Some of Jins actions on other sites do warrant attacks but I say leave them to those sites. However I always give props to those who deserve it. I refuse to post a few of my customs as they are a bit TOO inspired.
HeartBreakCustoms - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Ugh this needs to be said....Matt hancock your post seemed totally homo-erotic but nothing but love brotha
Now what really needs to be said here
-I make waaaaaay more money than Jin
-I am basically the best customizer to ever post on here
-I could prob beat Jin in a fist fight and/or rock paper scissors
-I'm probobly the sexiest person on the realm also
-I'm far superior to everyone ever in every way
-I'm most likely taller than jin
-Yes I would go on long walks on the beach with Jin
-I get laid way more than jin or any of you for that matter
-you are all jealous of me
-I will steal all your custom ideas and theres nothing you can do about it
Keep up the good work jin...hopefully we can have that footrace one day so I can beat you at that also
......That is all
wesr - Thursday, October 14, 2010
looks like more folks need banning. Looks good, Jin, keep up the work.
Darththomas - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Alright guys you all had your say. not taking sides here but lets all drop it. let's keep it about the customs. your friendly neighborhood mod dt81
matthancock - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Just wanted to be real clear, when I made the comment about jealousy, I didn't call anyone out. I really didn't. I don't assume that about anyone here. Here's what I said - I think if others - and I'm not calling anyone out, here or elsewhere, were making as much money on their customs as Jin, they probably wouldn't hate on him so much, so I believe there is a lot of jealousy. - Really GC - not pointing a finger at you or anyone sle, just making a general statement. I have a lot of respect for all of you guys. I stand behind my statement, but in no way I am saying that it applies to you specifically. please know that.
And look, there's no guarantee that Jin knew about AREZ or Master English's MOTUC Supes figs, but he got popped on this one right outta the gate, and harshly I might add.
Just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't singling you out bro - much love and respect.
GOLIATH_CUSTOMS - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Look matthancock, I have nothing against you personally. But you're saying things like we're jealous of him financialy. Which nobody in this post had even mentioned anything about. The topic is Jin giving props, I don't care about props personally. I've seen many customs that I borrowed and put a spin on them. Even customs I thought I had original ideas, and they weren't. I've even had recipes of mine borrowed without props. I don't care, this site is about everybody just customizing. It's just crazy everybody and there grandma has commented except Jin. Maybe he's buissy, maybe he doesn't care. Once again everybody chill out, and let this topic die out already. Thanks!
matthancock - Thursday, October 14, 2010
WOW - I didn't call out a single person on this thread or this forum...not a single one. The statement I made was a pretty general one, but now some folks are saying that I made assumptions about THEM, things I could never be sure of and then...then I get assumptions made about me. I'll let this be my last post on this thread and I'll sum it all up from my personal point of view...which we ALL are entitled to have.
If someone is a lurker because they don't take time to post comments, then I'M A FRIGGIN' LURKER, but I'll let it be known that it's not uncommon for me to check the custom showcase in the neighborhood of 5-10 times PER DAY. When something knocks me out, I try to post. Often I post on works at other forums too, but I don't have time to type comments about every single figure that's posted here or anywhere else. I send PMs sometimes too. I've never posted here to promote any of my auctions and in other forums, I have touted FigureRealm as one of the coolest forums in the custom game and that's mainly because of the friendly atmosphere. One doesn't have to post to appreciate the work.
Jin is not my idol. Jin's site was the first custom site I saw before I even knew about the forums. I probably haven't talked with him by email or PM in over a year. Glorbes is not my idol. I don't idolize any customizer. I appreciate their work. Honestly, the best customizer in my opinion is Loosecollector. so, assuming that I only defend someone because I idollize them is a very WEAK bum-umption. Truth be told, AREZ comments on my work more than anyone else and I try to return the favor. I actually prefer his work to Jin's most of the time, but I'm not comnig in here to rant. Neither one of these guys is participating in this discussion.
Finally, in comparing the two figures, AREZ's has a chestplate, Jin's does not. AREZ's belt is blue, Jin's is yellow. AREZ's has a furry crotch piece. Jin's has what looks like a flat vinyl one. They both have different capes and cape attachments. AREZ's suit is navy, Jin's is brighter blue. AREZ's has blue boots, Jin's has red. AREZ's head has the squinty eyes, Jin's has open eyes. AREZ's head has a spit curl, Jin's does not. They both have different hair styles. They both have different hands. What's that? About TEN differences. Personally, I like AREZ's figure much better. I think Jin could have put a lot more work into his. All that said, Master English's MOTUC SUPERMAN beats them both in my opinion. As for the head type choice...I didn't mean to say that the McG head is the ONLY one that could work in that scale. OBVIOUSLY, the MOTUC head works, but if Jin had used a MOTUC head...does he get bad comments for that choice? Since Master English's figure got thrown into this, I thinks it's reasonable to think so.
Again, I didn't call out ANYONE, but when I get called out I'll step up. No other customizer gets hated on like Jin - they don't. There's gotta be a reason for it. Some people bring it (hate) upon themselves, some don't. And whether or not Jin deserves any of the negativity he receives in other arenas or for different reasons, him posting the figure he posted DID NOT warrant some of the negative comments. Done.
GOLIATH_CUSTOMS - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Dude are you seriouus, I'm one of the guys who commented on the subject. Not the figure, but the way everybody jumped on the bandwagon of save there idiol Jin. I've heard comments from people who never comment on anybody elses customs, I know I comment so does mercury, tink, and Pulpy all the time giving even the beginners props. I'm not jealous of Jin, and I don't think any of these guys are. I know all these dudes produce badass customs, and make money. I make about 2,000 dollars u.s. a month from customs. So don't talk if you don't know bro, look me up on a website. Get your facts straight, I didn't idolize Jin, not saying he doesn't have mad respect from me. Becuase I'd be full of sh!t if I didn't give him his respect. But personally seeing Stevids customs got me into the game, and the love of Marvel. Everybody let Jin defend himself already. I'm sure he's got his opinion on the matter, Peace out.
Resepct to all the customizers new and old!
matthancock - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Well said Tink
Madtinker76 - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Tink here to add his bit of info to this..because this has happened to me before. I have had some of my ideas used and no props given (which kind of is not cool) and other times I failed to give props to others.(Bad Tinker!)
It almost happened with a figure I am working on now..I am 80% done and feeling "how could anyone miss doing this before, it's so obvious??" and as I was googling reference pictures from star wars...BAM! I saw someone had done it already (not just like mine but same character with the same base figure). Man, did that let the air out of my bag..And I will give props to this other customizer not because I am doing the same thing as he did but, he did something similar.. It won't take anything away from the hard work I am put into a figure.
I admit that I look to others for inspiration but, who doesn't? I try as a customizer to come up with new takes, fresh recipes, and/or bring something new to a figure. Yet, we all can't be first. Sure the first one sometimes sets a standard we either strive and struggle to reach or in other cases a customizer will raise the standard and set the bar higher for the next guy to come along.
I think it's appropriate and a great gesture to give props where they are due. It's not always done due to not knowing or forgetting to do so but, I think it's one of those courtesies among customizers that we all could strive to do.
And don't take this as directed at any one customizer..
Unknown User - Thursday, October 14, 2010
After all this talk. I think it is time for everyone to throw some serious sht on the realm by this weekend. Let's see what you guys got
MercuryARTstudios - Thursday, October 14, 2010
Yes I agree! I don't hate Jin in any way, the guy has some of the best paint apps & customs out there no doubt, I just think think people shouldn't be to harsh on the guy, I know exactly how it feels being accussed of stealing & being hated on, But the best thing to do in my opinion is IGNORE or take it in as constructive criticism, No need to be hatin' !! This is a fun Hobby/Job to some of us so why waste time arguing or trying to put someone down on their work!
We as the "PRO'S" should set an example, not the contrary, we have fans of all ages, fans who look up to us in many ways, we should encourage them to copy our stuff, get better and teach them to better & if they can make a few schakles from our ideas LET THEM!
Thanks for the crack up BOSKOES Jin Great work as always!! maybe we can encourage you to drop some lines! Pulpy fiction, thanks for the chat I have some more customs finished I will posting during the weekend be nice! Lol!!
Unknown User - Thursday, October 14, 2010
I want to say, after all of this, I feel this was actually a good discussion, and an intelligent one at that. I think there were a lot of valuable points made by everyone who posted, even if they were funny (we're looking at you poignant Ben). At the very least it got us talking?
MercuryARTstudios - Thursday, October 14, 2010
HAHAHA!! Well put sir!! I think we're all pirates for that matter, I say the same darn thing!! GIVE KUDOS OR DON'T!! COPY MY RECIPE OR Don't!! Will I steal your recipe if I like it most likely...But let's not argue & make a huge deal out of stuff guys, instead of getting mad of who copied who, take it as a compliment even if they didn't drop a line in ur box.
Cheers everyone!
Unknown User - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Great Superman Jin! Be forewarned, I will steal any idea I like- and I expect you all to jack one of our recipes if the mood strikes you.
Ben the Pirate
MercuryARTstudios - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I agree with you guys, I hardly ever see Jin reply to anyone but I've gotten comments on my work from him before and its always good to see when that happens, he's just not a very sociable type of guy, he's had so much controversy over the years that I can see why he wouldn't, But then again could be just to promote his work, maybe he has a work routine and can't be glued to the monitor like some of us whatever his reasons are all his own.
I'm just saying copycat or not, we have all done it! With or without kudos to whoever came up with the customs 1st! I'm not defending anybody and I'm not disagreement with anybody, It should always be common courtesy to give compliments or thanks to those who inspire us, some just don't think that way, so why try to burn the house down? Let's use that as an example of what not do.
Unknown User - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Don't worry josh, I'm not angered by any of your posts, on the contrary, I'm interested, just like you. I was inspired enough to post. I rarely give criticisms, or negative posts. This was one of those times, like you, I felt I had to say something.
Your comment saying I'm jealous, is not the case. If you were here as much as you say, you would notice the respect I have for AREZ. I know he can make his own comments, but like I said, I see this as a community, and part of being a member of a community is stepping up for fellow members, it's just like Goliath stepping up to say a word on my behalf. We the people who are around here all the time actually care, and yes Jin gets ripped off, and I think that is wrong too. He has tons of talent and should be credited for it, yes he's a godfather of the subject.
Josh you said:
You are misunderstanding me. What I am saying, is that if you are doing a custom, and you find out you are doing the same thing as someone before you, there is nothing wrong with giving credit to that person as not to look like you are ripping them off. Especially when they are this similar. Besides which why is there a problem with being informed in the subject your working in? No offense I don't think my posts were convoluted, and they explain themselves. I didn't say search for things that are similar to yours, search the actual custom subject, like say you wanted to do a movie conan, look up movie conan customs. How hard is that? If you find your recipe is similar or uses the same parts, credit the previous work. Or better yet, if you are trying to push the envelope and be on the cutting edge, try something new.
When you are at the level Jin is at, you really need to be on top of the "game". That means all aspects. We wouldn't have been having this conversation if that was the case.
GOLIATH_CUSTOMS - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
DUDE, is everybody here serious? I get what pulpyfiction is saying, and what everybody else is saying. I too at times make a custom and don't know somebody else made it. BUt if during the stages of my customizing see it, I usually always give credit to the customizer. I'm not defending Jin, because I rarely see this guy give a crud about anybody on this site and drop a good job on your custom. So I don't know why everybody is defending him like he's a friendly guy to you. I mean he's a talented customizer, but let him fight his own battles. Pulpyfiction is always badass enought to hit up numerous customizers a day and give them props for there work. I respect this dude, and he's entitled to his opinion like everybody else is. But seriously guys, get over it.
Cloud Strife - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I visit this website at least 5 days a week to admire the work of the many talented customizers here on the realm, and have for years. Then, today I see a comment that seems to be a bit inflammatory, which isn't what you normally see here on the forum. Your accusation of Jin ripping off another customizer's idea struck a nerve and I felt like saying something as Jin seems to be the only one I seem to see getting ripped on the boards he posts on. Which leads me to believe it's more out of jealousy b/c of his success. I'm not saying that was the reason for your post. Just making an observation and trying to understand the reason behind it. So, it's just an opinion (not that you or anyone asked for it).
Furthermore, upon further reflection of your posts something isn't making sense to me. You say that people should search for other customs that are similar to one's own and give credit... Now, I can understand if someone actually borrowed ideas from someone and then incorporated them into their own custom, but to search for a custom similar to yours, and that you didn't reference when doing your own doesn't make sense. And none of us are in the position to accuse someone of using someone else's idea(s) w/out giving credit.
My intention in this post is not to anger you or anyone else. I'm just trying to make sense of your post. I understand that people probably do rip off customs w/out giving credit (and I agree that that's not cool), but we can't know that for sure unless they say they did. So, it's pointless to accuse w/out knowing for sure, as you may be accusing an innocent person. And that is just an insult to their creativity and hard work.
Unknown User - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Wow you guys make it sound so hard to do a simple google search?!!! I'm not talking about hours of searching, good attempt at using hyperbole though.
If you are trying to be a "professional", you should be aware of the "industry" or subject matter your profession is focused on. I totally agree with the great minds think alike comment, but if you want to look at this as a "profession" and not a craft, or art (to my chagrin and dismay), then yes you definitely have to start looking around, especially with what this custom will fetch on a website. Burger King can't start making Big Mac's without expecting repercussions.
Besides which if Jin really cared he'd have posted already. This is just an advertisement. If he really cared about customizing as an entity and not a means to make $$$, he would be online posting on others work here (how inspiring would it be for a newbie to get inspiring words from jin?), or even thanking you folks for posting on his work. Look at his stuff, there hasn't been anything other than the initial post for a long time, and how long does it take to say thanks?!!!.
The guys who are at the top of the "profession" (gawd I hate using that term for this) now, who actually care, like loosecollector, boskoe, doubledealer/2dtoys, buzzy fret, stevid, AREZ, Goliath, madtinker, asch, sabretooth, and etc (sorry if I missed some of you, this list was getting long), they're actually posting. They take the time to thank the folks who make them who they are. They're also taking the time to stretch they're necks and look around at what the custom world is up to. Something simple really. It's all here on the sites.
Sorry if this comes off as an attack at you mercuryarts, I actually love your work and it's attention to detail. I just love the world of customizing, and it's starting to look like everybody is looking at it as a way to make a quick buck, and we have a great community here. I mean look at the interesting in depth discussion we're having here.
MercuryARTstudios - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Wow!! Heating up on this thread, I thought Jin came up with the concept first but then I saw Arez and now I know where the inspirations came from, Honestly though Jin gets a lot of heat from many forums, I'm not defending Jin he's one of the best for sure and I normally don't chime in bcuz it is unprofessional in my opinion, But let's think about it guys! We are customizers, There is no way for everyone to scour the net for hours to make a 3-10hr project and make sure nobody made it, I'm relatively new to the forum and I've seen customs that I thought I made before many others and turns out I was wrong, but GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE or THINK SIMILAR, as customizers we are most likely going to create a similar or same custom that someone else because there is so many of us out there!! But u are right if u plan to copy or someone gave u inspiration at least give props doesn't hurt nobody!
Great job Jin!
Unknown User - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Seriously Josh, yes. It's really quite simple to look up the custom concept you have in mind. You just google it. Works out well. Just like you had me google Master english. It came up by just typing in motu superman. You don't have to go through numerous boards, and depending where you are posting it, check that site at the very least.
So I am being realistic in my point, and I give credit to everybody who did something that inspired my work, check my posts and ask the avid realmers, I know you and your single post don't count as that, but us folks around here who post every day, and put our work up here, at least try to be conscientious of the work around us.
So thanks for helping to prove my point, in my ignorance of the fact, jin needs to give credit to Master English then and AREZ as this is a clear hybrid of both. Thanks for bringing my attention to that.
Cloud Strife - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
... Seriously? You expect every customizer to go through numerous custom boards and check and see if it resembles someone else's? You need to be realistic. So, are you going to say that AREZ needs to give credit to Master English for the inspiration of his hybrid MOTUC Superman? I would post the link to his, but I don't have that privilege on this forum yet. Just google MasterEnglish custom MOTU Superman and you'll get a link or an image, depending on which way you look it up.
Please, notice the date on his DeviantArt account says that it was taken April 17, 2010.
And Jin, excellent job as always!
Unknown User - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I don't know. I think AREZ had a Great Idea- and Jin pulled out in first place on this one. I think they are two different looking customs in my opinion
I really like this Jin. The belt and the colors and mad face. Super-He-Man!!
mega_star_andro - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Woah, yeah, very similar concept...and I like AREZ's better
Unknown User - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Hmmm... this is cool and all, but looks a little too much like what AREZ posted a couple of weeks ago, without recognition to his previous creation.
Give recognition to other people's work when you copy their idea, or you're just ripping them off jin. You may be the guy with the most recipes copied, but at least people give credit to your work.
Pleading ignorance/not knowing isn't an excuse either, because when working on a custom concept you should take a look through the sites to search the concept you are trying to accomplish, to see what people have done before, that way you don't step on any toes, and give credit to those who came before you.
Darththomas - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Love the motu look on this guy and you dealt with the tiny crotch piece well, great work as always Jin!
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