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Wasp Zombie in Robotic Suit Custom Action Figure

Custom #:2783  
Name:Wasp Zombie in Robotic Suit
Custom Type:Action Figure
Toy Series:Marvel Legends
Date Added:May 31, 2007
Base Figure:Modok Series Wasp in Black Suit
Height:6.50 inches
Welcome to my Nightmare. This figure was originally going to be my 2nd Zombie, but a series of unfortunate events kept prolonging my agony. It seemed from the beginning this project was doomed, as every turn seemed to create a new problem. Even photographing her was a nightmare and you can see from the terrible pics that I was unsuccessful in that venture.

Just the same, I wanted to make this figure. I saw that page in Marvel Zombies #5 where the Humans on Asteroid M had made robotics for the Black Panther and they made a robotic suit for the Wasp head the Panther brought with him.

The body began as the original Wasp in black suit. Then I began sculpting, and sculpting and sculpting until she had more apoxie than a '77 plymouth had bondo. I obtained the red variant head from BA and zombified it moderately. I then had to find the perfect dome. This is where my nightmare began. The first thing I purchased was a case of test tubes (ever try to buy just one?!) but, I don't do metric conversions well so $15 later I was disappointed to learn the tubes were way too small to work. Next came 1" acorn vending machine bubbles. Again, after spending too much in gas looking for a vending machine that had trinkets in 1" bubbles, I finally broke down and bought some on a website. Of course, you can't buy just one so between buying 100 (smallest quantity I could get) and the outrageous shipping, I was now $40 in the hole on the figure. (not counting her initial figure cost or the BA head). Finally, I came across a silly little pink squirtgun that had some candy stuffed into a plastic tube on the top of the gun. This thing cost me a buck and worked perfectly. (Go figure!)

Next came the piping. Can I just tell you how uncooperative Apoxie is for making the piping? I had to wait until it was ALMOST cured to get it to roll up properly. It was horrible and kind of scary as I had already used an inordinate amount of apoxie on this project and if my timing was off on the piping I wasted more. Luckily that sort of worked out in the end. Not thrilled with it but it'll do.

The head. In the comic depiction the head is floating in a greenish liquid. Now there is no liquid I could use that wouldn't in time erode the paint on the head or break the plastic down ultimately, so liquid was right out. I decided to keep detail visible I would not even try to make it look like there was liquid in there so I now had to figure out how I would suspend the head as though it were floating. Enter 22 guage silver jewelry wire. I created a little section inside the helm area that looked like pumps and wires, and when I used the wire to stick the head on, it was sort of camoflaged as either a strand of hair hanging down or a wire sticking up. All in all it worked out ok and was surprisingly effective.

Finally came installing the dome. Easier said than done, careful dremeling and then no super glue. Super glue does horrible nasty things to clear plastic (adds a cloudy haze over it) so there was no supergluing this dome on! Instead I went ahead and apoxied it on. Now, this seemed like a great idea, I even had the foresight to paint the inside before I installed the dome. (I had this nightmare that I had put the dome on without the head in it a few nights before lol!) Unfortunately, the dome is really really clear and you can see where the apoxie is placed against it to complete the "seal" on the dome. DOH!! I can't reach a brush inside and paint that apoxie, so hopefully it's not too noticable.

Painted the whole thing silver...twice. She doesn't stand too well (she didn't before the mod began, she stands better now than she ever did!)so I painted her once and she fell over while she was wet. DOH! repaint! Nice shiny silver though, which led to the gozillion problems I had with snapping pics. Inside was too dark, outside everything reflected back between the clear dome and the shiny silver! Inside with a flash just made a mess! I think I managed to get one semi-ok pic and that's probably what you'll use to determine this was one of my worst customs ever!

User Comments
Unknown User - Saturday, June 2, 2007
Yeah and a your suggestion is Good one Geppetto - I wasn't meaning your suggestion was a bad one - sorry if it came out like that
but I know from personal experience that rubber cement will turn plastic scabbarous and not in a good way over a period of time
Youre absolutely right it would look good on the flesh if it scabs but eyes and teeth will follow suit
Fibreglass has preservative properties if mixed correcly- been working with the stuff for 20 years and it lasts along time and in the longrun for the life of the head its better
I know its expensive - but since Greymonk and I are buddies - he just needs to ask and I'll send him some fastglass resin
Same thing 'Monk on the candy bubble containers - wished you'd asked me to send you some as theyre widely available here and small enough for your purposes
Ah well
18thstreet-Geppetto - Saturday, June 2, 2007
cement is cheap idea plus the head is a zombie head so a lil scabby could be alright I guess, I was just suggestin a fast fix
Unknown User - Saturday, June 2, 2007
rubber cement - dependent on what brand - warps paint after a while giving it a scabby look
fibreglass would set it and not erode - like a fly in amber - just add a green tint before setting it
18thstreet-Geppetto - Friday, June 1, 2007
why don't you fill the helmut with rubber cement and let it dry, and you can throw some bubbles in the cement and they say
greymonk - Friday, June 1, 2007
Thank you very kindly Dedi! I just had to try this one. I learned a lot doing it and so the experience has been really good on that note alone! Who knows maybe out htere in a website land someone is really just itching to find a wasp zombie in robotic suit figure mod! oh well that is the downside to picking the oddball "random" customs, they sell for doodoo because all 3 of the people interested in it are frequently cheap (or broke like us!).
Unknown User - Friday, June 1, 2007
Think I was one of the first ones to see this in I'm
And I told you from the off 'Monk that you had a hit on your hands and that the folk here at FR would love it
Kudos man and that effect to simulate the floating head is really Clever
As Wings suggested just paint the inside of the bubble helemt transparent green
But I do like Toymaker's idea of filling it up too with transparenmt resin some fibreglass with a slight green tint might do the trick
great stuff Brother
even your worst customs are better than some peoples best my man
BYGTOPP - Friday, June 1, 2007
that is great that should be a major seller if ever sold verynice job
that ll go well with the bp zombie edition one
greymonk - Thursday, May 31, 2007
Sorry to hear about the Holocaust I wouldn't wish that sort of agony on anyone but if you ever need a clear acorn shaped bubble in 1" dia. I got yer back! thanks for the kind words and sympathy! Bubbleheads of the world unite!
greymonk - Thursday, May 31, 2007
Agreed on the clear plastic idea. I even have clear plastic, but it tends to bubble real bad around an inclusion (in this case the wasp head) also it gets real hot when it's curing and I was worried the plastic bubble I got off the squirt gun wouldn't stand up to the heat from the resin curing (the bubble is kind of like the cheap plastic water bottles one gets at a discount store in bulk quantities - that kind of flimsy plastic). I even thought about olive oil, which has a greenish tint to it but in time it would dissolve the paint on the wasp head. It was quite a dilemma. Oh well, the bubble is on there now most permanently so short of a syringe filled with some type of magic liquid, it's gonna stay dry. I did think about the clear resin though and painting the inside with a translucent green (which I have). I even have a glow in the dark pigment for plastic that's kind of greenish and would have glowed but, alas I was too paranoid about the zombie head in the center. Perhaps when I am feeling masochistic again I'll make another one! (this time I would sculpt the body pieces in sculpey and just assemble it) but not yet gladiator...not yet. BTW: thanks for the compliments!
Unknown User - Thursday, May 31, 2007
I think its great...One suggestion Iwould make as far as could have filled it with clear resin..and some green color...just a thought. This really cool.
greymonk - Thursday, May 31, 2007
thanks everyone! I was really bummed when I first uploaded this, I figured it was my worst custom to date. Thanks for cheering me up!
colten frost - Thursday, May 31, 2007
u have the pations of a priest!!!
CplHicks - Thursday, May 31, 2007
I just love off beat random figures like this one.
Great job man!!!!
Unknown User - Thursday, May 31, 2007
Totally sympathise with your helmet nightmare dude - had the same problem with Holocaust! All in all an awesome pic. I've not seen the suit but plenty of zombies passed me by to know this is a hit - KUDOS!
Shinobitron - Thursday, May 31, 2007
Well IMO all the time you put into her seemed to work out fine cause she look great and very comic accurate! I think you did a great job on her.
I do have a solution for your green problem paint the inside of the dome with transparent green paint. That should give you the desired green effect.
greymonk - Thursday, May 31, 2007
Thank you Doc, I think this is the first of my creations you've commented on! and yes, it was definitely random, I saw it and went wow I bet I could do that, and then was sorry ever since lol!
Dr Nightmare - Thursday, May 31, 2007
Geez, talk about a random custom, awesome
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