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Latest Updated Customs

Demo Man 200x(Rawdog Style)
Masters of the Universe
by windblock2007
What's up Realmers, this is for my crazy master of the universe fans..Demo man in 200x form.this figure was assembled by me and painted by the Rawdog....
World War Hulk
Marvel Legends
by To be revealed. . .
The Hulk is often on the side of good. But when he gets really mad, he can be really BAD! One example of this was during the epic storyline "Wo...
The Mighty Thor
Marvel Legends
by ACCustomFigures
Some of you may recognize Thor here as a Loose Collector design. It is! I used LC’s recepie for the Asgardian Wonder, but I made 2 mods: the bea...
Rage V.2
Marvel Legends
by BeeCustoms
hey everyone, today I decided to do my second version of RAGE! This character really catches my eye with the yellows that pop out. For starters, I use...
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Marvel Now Concept Deadpool
Marvel Universe
by ManyMack Creationz
For the recipe I used MU silver surfer head, sculpted mask.upper body is MU spiderman with sculpt applied with a neck choker from MU punisher. Sculpte...
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Marvel Legends
by Wings
Was a bit stuck as to who to convert this body into. Given the amount of classic X-Costumes I'm doing I thought I'd do Kitty. Movie Invisible Woman he...
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Custom NECA Extraction Dutch
This is a repaint of the head, neck, and wrists of the NECA Extraction Dutch figure. The rest of the figure really looks good from NECA. I based the...
Destro's Decepticon N.a.M.V. (Night Assault Missio
G.I. Joe Transformers War
by shaka
Stripped down, full paint job, and custom decals. This N.A.M.V. (Night Assault Mission Vehicle) is my concept vehicle for the 2012 SDCC Exclusive DEST...
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Ronan the Accuser (Movie Version)
Marvel Legends
by Toycooker
"Xandar, you stand accused! Your wretched peace treaty will not save you now. It is the tinder on which you burn." I really liked Lee Pace'...
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Liege Maximo
by Transrouse
Transformers G2 Comic: From the Liege Maximo were Megatron and the Decepticons descended. The Liege Maximo's throne sat at the Hub, a network of plane...
L&A's TOY SHOP/CUSTOMS - Custom Sentry
Marvel Legends
by Lousworld74
L&A's TOY SHOP/CUSTOMS - Custom Sentry Parts used: - ML Hawkeye Figure (Modern Variant) - body - ML Kazar repainted head - ML Sentry - cape and b...
Lobo the White Surfer
by Banner/HULK Inc.
Here’s an idea for a DC and Marvel crossover that I came up with that hasn’t been done before. It’s for entry into the Comic Fusion...
Rusted Voltron
by Dawood Sekhem
This is a Voltron figure (all five lions) that I wanted to make look as if it was long out of commission, stylistically. I did want rust it be not so ...
HAWK II Holly Granger Ver. 2
DC Universe
by optimusleo
Another saved body from the junk collection I got! I think this one was suppose to be Hellcat but the paint was not applied well. After some paint-rem...
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Incredible Hulk
by windblock2007
What's up Realmers, first of all....let me give credit to all those wonderful customizers here on the Figure Realm.the likes of Leech,Lokoboy,Raybot,X...
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Marvel Legends
by Gonard
Hello everyone! Last up for the day is Jubilee sporting her classic 90's outfit! Im proud to put this one in my personal collection, one more of the ...
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Agent Natasha Romanoff
by ALubron666
i know there are many romanoff a.k.a Black Widow custom in realm, and i never get bored to see it. because she is my fav character so now, i tried to...
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Leon S Kennedy Operation Racoon City
Resident Evil
by ALubron666
this is Leon S Kennedy 6 inch hot toys ( MY DREAM ) well, this is my second leon , and i do all the best thing i can do for this figure. i swap the he...
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by Nightadrywer
This time I used Green Goblin as base figure to make my own version from Toad. I used wirde for the tongue and I sculped the hair. the rest is just pa...
Emma Frost Marvel Now
Marvel Legends
by gerbz04
2nd try in customizing a Marvel Now Emma Frost. Used Madam Masque's head and red she-Hulk Body. Sanded down some of the details and sculpted some acce...
Dazzler (Outback)
Marvel Legends
by Wings
I was undecided on which hair to do Alison with so I opted for two different options! Short haired one is from the Casting Cave and the long haired on...
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Spider Slayer V
by windblock2007
Here's another odd one for today....ever since Argenta 2008 made a Spider Slayer (which I made the base for Lol) I figured let me get a crack at this ...
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Magneto (Marvel Now) V2
Marvel Legends
by Wings
I was never too happy with the helmet from my last version so revisited Erik with the use of a body that had minimal paint rub. Retooled an X-Men Clas...
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Wasp (Marvel Now)
Marvel Legends
by Wings
Really liking the classic throwback of this look. Sculpted the helmet and skirt then swapped the legs with Psylocke and the feet and head with Wasp. A...
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L&A's TOY SHOP/CUSTOMS - Custom Deadpool
Marvel Legends
by Lousworld74
L&A's TOY SHOP/CUSTOMS - Custom Deadpool - Been wanting a personalized new style Deadpool for my Thunderbolts squad, so I made one. I also hate th...
L&A's TOY SHOP/CUSTOMS - Custom Falcon
Marvel Legends
by Lousworld74
L&A's TOY SHOP/CUSTOMS - Custom Falcon We decided that a real Falcon was needed desperately. Here is our version of Falcon with a ton of customiz...
L&A's TOY SHOP/CUSTOMS - Custom Hawkeye
Marvel Legends
by Lousworld74
L&A's TOY SHOP/CUSTOMS - Custom Hawkeye Not a full custom but a new custom paint job and sculpted waist piece to improve current Hyperion Parts ...
Luke Cage / Power Man
Marvel Legends
by newcollector
To finish up my Iron Fist / Power Man duo here we have Luke Cage. He is made from a DCUC Starman. I shortened the jacket a little bit and added an M...
Ghost Rider ( Johnny Blaze)
Marvel Universe
by To be revealed. . .
Custom ghost rider. I love the ghost rider movie and comic. So imade this custom. This was alot of work but when i finished it i liked it. The base f...
Leo as the Wolfman
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by TicaL
Hi Realmers :) Repaint of the Playmates 1993 Leo as the Wolfman with Vallejo game color. I sculpted new ends of his bandana. Thanks for Looking!...
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