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Custom Action Figures

Carmilla , Queen of Vampires
by En-Ryu-Oh!2061
Hello Realmers , today custom was inspired by Carmilla is a Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. First published in 1871 as a serial narrative i...
OLYMPIAN Aristedes Demetrios Global Guardians: Gre
DC Universe
by optimusleo
Finishing up the original Global Guardians I present to you The Olympian!! His fleece was pretty tricky to do but I had many MU Black Widow hair piec...
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Marvel Universe
by King Spider
Multiple Man: Captain America body with vortious head. Syren: aurora body with vortious head. Strong guy: hyperion body, classic hulk arms, vortious h...
Uncanny X-Men
Marvel Universe
by King Spider
Cyclops: a repainted Cyclops figure Emma Frost: A medusa body, Aurora head, jacket from vortious. Magik: X-23 body, head and sword from vortious custo...
Goldberg Motu Style
by LuvNidleness
I did this as a commissioned piece for someone. I'm so happy that I got it done. I'm just speechless. I had a jakks Goldberg head on one of my figures...
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Marvel Vs Capcom Ryu
by 1andonly5711
Hey I just couldn't wait to show this off. Well the person who I spidered me to do this was my man vicv. Always with his great game customs. This guy ...
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Marvel Universe
by 1andonly5711
With the head of Cyclops body of gladiator wings of angel and feet of a frost giant. We have my classic mimic...
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Marvel Universe
by 1andonly5711
Yes I had to do it. With hercules body , omega reds legs , head of doc Samson , hair of ultimate Thor and some minor sculpt work. We have my sentry...
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Marvel Universe
by 1andonly5711
Up first for the week. I have my comic style Azezal. You know when I was younger. I used to think magneto was nightcrawlers father. But I guess mystiq...
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Marvel Legends
by Gonard
Hello everyone! Today i am proud to present Angela! For those of you know don't know who she is, she is Thor's half sister and is a team member on th...
Eric Draven "the Crow"
by ManyMack Creationz
For the recipe I used Avengers Steve Rogers head, just added MU Samson hair. Upper body is MU spiderman with sculpt applied to Austin and torso and fo...
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Agent Bishop
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by VaughnMichael13
Agent Bishop (TMNT 2k3 character) constructed and painted in 3 days and sadly my only custom from this TMNT Universe so far. I wasn't very happy with ...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by VaughnMichael13
Golani (TMNT Adventures Hero) Sculpted and painted in 2 days. This custom action figure was made using a Dc Universe Classics Katama Tui. I sculpted a...
The Mighty Thor
Marvel Legends
by ACCustomFigures
Some of you may recognize Thor here as a Loose Collector design. It is! I used LC’s recepie for the Asgardian Wonder, but I made 2 mods: the bea...
President Superman (Earth 23) Calvin Ellis
DC Universe
by matthancock
I had originally intended to make a Dark Knight Returns Superman from this Sir Laser Lot base, but just before I finished it, a customer of mine from ...
Batman 1989 Videogame Style
by hunterknightcustoms
Debuting this week is my 4 inch BATMAN version of the upcoming Neca figure inspired by the NES videogame of 1989. Bats here was made out of the regula...
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S. H. Figuarts Super Vegito
S.H. Figuarts
by CosmicCustom
This is my favourite character Vegitto, he is drilling badass and that's why I made this guy. Added shadings to clothes and hair.Except the hair, othe...
Oracle (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)
Marvel Legends
by Charkasian
Hello everyone I just found a long time ago made Oracle character, I thought I share with you. I used Wasp base figure Apoxie hair Finally, a ful...
Hydra Captain America
Marvel Universe
by Dravenheart
I haven't seen the new Heroes United movie featuring Captain America and Iron Man yet, but I was sent some images of his design after getting brainwas...
M Bison
Street Fighter
by Dravenheart
I fell behind on getting things posted for a while, and this guy was one of the reasons. Me being a perfectionist kicked in on trying to finish M Biso...
Marvel Lionheart
Marvel Legends
by bee@FUMan
I really want to make classic Captain Britain....but since I got a female fodder, why don't I make a female Captain Britain...that is Lionheart. Reci...
Hip Hop Trooper
Star Wars
by Eniam_Rej
Would have used a Storm Trooper as base if I had more, but my Sandtroopers outnumbered them so I used one of them. This is based off a cosplayers cost...
DOVE I Don Hall
D.C. Universe
by optimusleo
Since I made a Don for myself I decided to make a different one with a ML body, since they are slimmer & ripped! So I used a ML Archangel bod for ...
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Scarlet Spider V.3
Marvel Legends
Scarlet V.3 was made using a Spidey legends Superior Spider-man base body, a McFarlane Spidey head cast from Casting Cave, and ASM2 Spider-man arms wi...
Garron Paduk
Gears Of War
by Herbert
Garron was made with an Augustus Cole figure. The head is from a WWE John Cena and the arms are from Dominic Santiago (left arm was sculpted). The rig...
by Bodybag
Here is one of my first original figures, his name is Vyper ! As a first responder to a horrific plane crash,the man who would become Vyper, was a fir...
Batman - Movie Style
by Mr-X
Another real-time Batman-Nolan verse style rogue-Deadshot. I was never a big fan of Deadshot, but the Arkham games and movie changed my opinion enough...
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Custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Don
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by littlefootie_81
I bought these already custom painted figures thru E-bay (see figurerealm user Shawpaw) but made personal customs to the followings to make em more re...
Nevoljeni Terora
Marvel Legends
by azzieblack
This was a commissioned piece I did. Hopefully the buyer will fill in the character story. I used quite a bit of different pieces and parts for this o...
HARRY LELAND (Hellfire Club)
Marvel Universe
by stephane
When I saw the penguin from the new line DC Comics Multiverse, I found immediatly that he would be perfect for Harry Leland from the Hellfire Club. I...
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