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DC Direct Statue Customs

Wonder She Hulk
DC Direct Statue
by Ricky Lewis
The First Born Daughter Of Queen Diana And Dr. Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk), Jessica Banner Took Up The Mantle Of Princess Of The Amazons On The Isl...
Starcraft 2 Marine Corps
DC Direct Statue
by gerbz04
First attempt on customizing and airbrushing. Please forgive the blurred and Grainy Images......
Superman Cyborg Cover from Superman #79
DC Direct Statue
by dark dagger
this is my work made of full epoxi. with a wire base construct, and a red lamp. I made the flag myself, and made it from nothing. You can see how mu...
Justice Lords Captain Marvel Shazam
DC Direct Statue
by fitzjedi
Hey, I have a thing for superman, and by proxy, other dc stuff. The justice lords are a great idea and my son told me they should have shown more cha...
Golden Age Blue Beetle
DC Direct Statue
by Aaron Brooks
This is kind of a funny story this figure was a character called medatate man and it was a failed attempt by a medical company to make ritalin cool by...
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