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Escape from New York Customs

Snake Plissken
Escape from New York
by czuga
So I wanted a Snake figure with more articulation, but with a certain amount of realism to the figure as well. I also wanted to do it as pre - Escape ...
Snake Plissken
Escape from New York
by Grave24
i bought the macfarlene figure and went to put the jacket on and the hand broke off then i pulled on the arm and it broke so i figured ill give him a ...
Snake Pliskin
Escape from New York
by Silverclown1
This was a labor of love. In my opinion Snake is the coolest tough guy thus far. He laid down a libral amount of bullets and bodies on both the East ...
Snake Plisken
Escape from New York
by E-freeze figures
One of the coolest anti-heroes of my time was Snake Plisken. When I saw this head in the Frontline/Hero Head page I thought to myself,"I got to m...
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