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Star Wars The Old Republic Customs

Darth Luctus
Star Wars The Old Republic
by Wasake Cante
A dark sorcerer, apprentice of Darth Tray, Dark Luctus lives reclusive in the wasteland of Korriban, learning the dark secrets of the ancient sith. D...
Darth Malgus Heavy Battle Armor
Star Wars The Old Republic
by Bionic Mully Mac
I've always felt Hasbro could have given us a much better figure of Darth Malgus.The route that Hasbro is currently taking makes me think that collect...
Darth Sion (Black Series)
Star Wars The Old Republic
by braleefun
This walking embodiment of pain is in scale with the 6" black line. When I first saw this character I knew I needed to make him. Recipe: Head-H...
Sith Assassin
Star Wars The Old Republic
by Tredz
I used random parts of action figures with silver crome paint for the mask and knee pads and red for the visor and gloss black for the uniform and spr...
Sith Warrior ( Darth Wyyrlok Inspired)
Star Wars The Old Republic
by Mr.J
So i've decided to start working on a few Sith warrior to build a massive Sith temple diorama. Heres the first one i made =) Body from Darth Maul and ...
SWTOR Malavai Quinn Custom Figure
Star Wars The Old Republic
by Silvasnake
This is a 3¾-inch STAR WARS The Old Republic Malavai Quinn Custom Figure. Quinn is a sith warrior companion. I love Quinn's character and I l...
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