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Customs by Mr. "E" Customs

Nightcrawler Xmen Game Uniform
X-Men - Movies
by Mr. "E" Customs
I based this custom on the X-men Movie Universe, This is kinda the uniform that Kurt wears on the X3 Official Game for Playstation 2 and Pc. Basicall...
Emma Frost (Pashing to Diamond) - First Class Movi
X-Men - Movies
by Mr. "E" Customs
Well, My collection is based on Marvel Movies Figures, so some of them are made by me. Basically I took Hasbro Marvel Legends Emma Frost and gave her ...
Rogue (X3 Movie Uniform)
X-Men - Movies
by Mr. "E" Customs
This was a Simple customand I made it last year. I used Movie Rogue two pack (With Logan) head and Jean Grey's X-men Movie Body. I wanted a little mor...
Zhane: the Silver Space Ranger
Power Rangers
by Mr. "E" Customs
Hi again! This is my second custom (uploaded). It was a very tricky figure, basically i took the black space ranger (Carlos), and i fixed some artic...
Master Splinter
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by Mr. "E" Customs
Hello people! this is my first custom upload here so hope you like it! Basically, I took the original Nickelodeon's TMNT action figure and i just re...
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