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Customs by Slagathor44

Nova: Original
DC Universe
by Slagathor44
.I started with the body of the Ocean warrior Aquaman and used the head from the marvel legends nova , colored the body a darker blue and used gold o...
Guy Gardner Simple Mod
DC Universe
by Slagathor44
I just took the head from the ocean warrior Aqua man and put it on the 5pack guy gardner for a more modern look . comments/tips are appreciated....
Mark Millar's Nemesis
Marvel Legends
by Slagathor44
First of all this is my second custom and I really wanted to make a nemesis figure because I have not seen anything about an official figure coming ou...
Two Face : Batman TAS
DC Superheroes
by Slagathor44
I wanted a two face figure to look like he did in the batman Animated series so I used a gotham 5 pack two face and just repainted it. this is my very...
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