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Customs by Angelic-dude1

Venom (Spider-Man 3 Movie Version)
Spider-Man - Movie
by Angelic-dude1
Before I start I wanna thank ViperPrime, if it wasn't for his awesome Venom custom inspiring to me to customize figures, this figure wouldn't exist! :...
Venom (Spider-Man 3 Video Game Version) (1st Versi
Spider-Man - Movie
by Angelic-dude1
Before you look at the pics, PLEASE READ ;) This is NOT my current Venom figure I just posted this one because I found the old pics of him off of my o...
DBZ- Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)
Dragonball Z
by Angelic-dude1
Here is my custom Vegeta figure from the Saiyan saga, what I did was, sculpted him his "skirt armor" with thin Milliput and attached to a sm...
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