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Customs by DarkKNIGHTfanBOY.

Nightwing Nolan Verse.
Batman - Movie Style
by DarkKNIGHTfanBOY.
Xmen Ice man for the Base, Cape (I know nightwing never wore a cape, but this is my version) is from a 5 inch Batman figure same for the chest and Bel...
Ghoul Batman
Movie Masters
by DarkKNIGHTfanBOY.
This isn't really a custom just a face recreation, I loved that I finally got this figure after so long, The face I didn't really like much. I wanted ...
League of Shadows Bruce Wayne Ninja.
Batman Begins
by DarkKNIGHTfanBOY.
I always wanted a League of Shadows Ninja Bruce Wayne figure, So I decided to make it. This is also my first custom. Now lets get started, I started w...
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