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Battle for Middle Earth Custom Contest Entries

Champion of Dale, Damlon Goblin-Bane
Lord of the Rings
by Palanmacar
Recipe: (Updated) -Head- Hot Toys (VBSS ?) -Outer Vest- Modified DML Timeline Chris Johnson, dyed brown with RIT Dye.  -Brown Long Sleeved Tunic...
Rated 4.05 stars (57 votes)
Bolg, Son of Azog
Lord of the Rings
by Grinmankey
This nasty beast was based on Azog from The Hobbit line. He's got a few other parts here and there to differentiate him, though. The lower arms are f...
Rated 3.93 stars (60 votes)
Ash-Mor-Mau, King of the Olog Hai
Lord of the Rings
by DrChops
Ash-Mor-Mau translates from the Black Speech as One Black Warrior. Born of Burzum, mother of Darkness, daughter of Morgoth, who also spawned the Balr...
Rated 3.70 stars (56 votes)
Lord of the Rings
by jheovanny
smaug the desolate. one of the mysterious characters of Tolkien's imaginary is definitely the dragon Smaug. the last dragon as the hobbit. bestial, fe...
Rated 3.66 stars (59 votes)
Ufum, Martial Master of Angband
Lord of the Rings
by DrChops
Ufum is a very ancient Ork, first Champion of his people. Born of a flightless dragon mother, Ufum is one of the first of all the orkish race, and fo...
Rated 3.17 stars (54 votes)
Dumpuga, Lady Goblin of Death
Lord of the Rings
by DrChops
Dumpuga means die, death, in Black Speech. She is the daughter of the Eldest Wyrm, mother of all the dragons, and a captive Elf Lord, one of the very...
Rated 2.98 stars (54 votes)
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