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Zombie Battle Droid
Star Wars Clone Wars
by PlasticSurgen88
Not really sure if a battle droid could become a zombie,but it was still fun to made nonetheless. Enjoy!...
Super-Battle Droid Commando
Star Wars
by mr_mxyzptlk05
I know they've since made droid commandos, but at the time this was my answer to the CLone Commandos. A Commando Droid that shared a body with a SBD, ...
Star Wars Battle Droid on STAP
Star Wars Clone Wars
by firefly
Mabuhay!thanks for all who viewed and commented on my 3 entries in the battle damaged contest and congrats to all the winners!!!! My battle droid com...
Battle Droid
Star Wars Clone Wars
by firefly
I like the unique design of this character, it looks clumsy but dreadful in its own way also, It was hard to find a toy that would match this characte...
Star Wars Clone Wars L8-L9 Battle Droid
Star Wars
by monsterforge
It's hard to say exactly what all went into this guy. His main body is from a happy meal robot toy. The arms are from the Kidconnection robot and ali...
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