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Michael Chikliss as Ben Grimm-Fantastic Four Movie
Fantastic Four
by ringomendoza
Hello As some of you know, I love to have civilian/depowered/human form versions of my figures, and this one has been in the to-do list for a while. ...
The Thing Ben Grimm
Marvel Legends
by masterpiece
A friend comissioned this set of figures he wanted based on the The Thing's comic where he has boxing match against The Champion. I sculpted the boxin...
Mecha-Thing Alternate Reality Ben Grimm
Marvel Legends
by Madtinker76
Buzzing Beetle from head to toe with various fodder for backpack and knee pads and such. re-sculpted head to bring more the THING into the design. I k...
The THING (Ben Grimm)
Marvel Legends
by PAINTcustoms
so i finally came across a movie thing that didnt have smash em arms, or talking voice, or buttons. i really like this figure, the only problem is the...
Classy THING Ben Grimm
Fantastic Four
by tonystark
Hello again all, Here we have a classy stepping out Ben Grimm. Ben is a mr fixit body with all bullet holes filled and tie removed, then i added the a...
The Thing aka Ben Grimm
Marvel Legends
by NeoZeRo35
Here is my second custom, The Thing (my first being FF). I had an extra one (if you check out my FF custom, you'll see why) so I decided to do someth...
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