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Betty Ross
Incredible Hulk
by michael_hta
hi this is betty ross from the incredible hulk movie.. i used a LOTR arwen head and cordelia form buffy figures, i just sculpted the hair and repainte...
Betty Ross-Banner-Talbot-Ross
Marvel Legends
by Ole Jade Jaw
Wazzzuuuuup! I thought making a matched set of alter egos would be a neat idea. Being that the Red She Hulk body was very similar in style to the sm...
Betty Ross Red She Hulk
Marvel Legends
by Demon11
hey guys this is a version of the red she hulk as she appears on her own comic series. I used an ann o'brian as the base body and the head of a dc fig...
Red She Hulk / Betty Ross
Marvel Legends
by spider-man59
During the 2010 "Fall of the Hulks" storyline, Betty is revealed to have been resurrected by the Leader and MODOK, due to the urgings of the...
Red She Hulk (Betty Ross)
Marvel Legends
by Comicustoms
Hey! Next up is Red Shulkie. She Hulk base, I stripped the paint off the head of a Heros female figure whose name escapse me (came with a mirror and 2...
Betty Ross
Marvel Legends
by BurchCustoms
Started with a Buffy Faith Figure. Head is from a LOTR Galadriel. Hair is hot glue. The Jacket was trimmed a little. Full paint....
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