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Dial Tone (25th Anniversary Style)
G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary
by Mint Condition Customs
Dial Tone was a figure that was released as a G.I. Joe Club exclusive figure a couple of years back, but most fans missed out on it, and now it goes f...
Dial Tone
G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary
by steve2477
Here is another of my tributes to Joes and Cobras from 1986, here is Dial Tone. Head - 25th Cutter/25th Flint beret Full figure & vest - Poc Stee...
Dial Tone
G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary
by steve2477
This is another unpainted custom, no paint what so ever. I always liked Dial Tone, he wasn't used enough in the comics. I didn't like the way they mad...
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