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General Ross: Red Hulk Nemesis
Marvel Select
by Banner/HULK Inc.
This is how I think the Hulk’s red nemesis should be. I call him Codename: “Thunderbolt Red” or “Red Thunder”. First o...
General Ross Hulk
Marvel Legends
by Misterunscripted
This figure is based off of a What If comic in which General Ross became the hulk . He was actually more greyish in the comic but I decided to leave h...
General Ross Red Hulk!
Marvel Legends
by Comicustoms
Pretty simple. Took a DC U Solomon Grundy head, Marvel Legends Hulk body. Primered, did a dark red wash then some brighter red airbrushing. Painted hi...
General Ross
Incredible Hulk
by Mentorbreak
This General Ross figure was customized in a unknown soldier figure. I just used the apoxie to the moustache and the the symbols at his uniform, ans t...
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