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Kyle Katarn - the Vintage Collection
Star Wars
by PackRatStudios
I wanted to update Kyle a little bit more, so he looks like he came right out of the Vintage Collection. I gave him more articulation in his legs (us...
Kyle Katarn
Star Wars
by Mentorbreak
I have to say that I`m a huge fan of the expanded universe in Star Wars. Not only the comoc books, but also the games, anda now that I havw mosto of t...
Kyle Katarn
Star Wars
by Stronox
One of my favorite characters, I wanted to make a more articulated version and also have him in Jedi Master garb. I felt the latest version of Quinlan...
Kyle Katarn
Star Wars
by Ornclown
As a huge fan of the ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy, and not so much of the prequels, I am always on the lookout for worthwhile Star Wars related entertai...
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