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DUCHESS Lashina Suicide Squad Member
DC Universe
by optimusleo
To be honest I got this female buck in a lot and don't know who belongs too but the similarities to once Suicide Squad member Duchess (a.k.a. Lashina)...
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DC Universe
by ENulmerfigs
Hello again!!! Got a lashina from the female furies. I love Darkseid and his crew so I'll start here. To start I removed psylockes head and replaced i...
DC Universe
by YBulltois
Continuing with my Female Furies is Lashina. Used Mystique for the base, Green Stuff and foam for some of the stripes others just painted in place. Cr...
Female Furies Lashina
DC Infinite Heroes
by 1andonly5711
Hey welcome. For my 1st female furry lashina. She was probably the easy of all 3 I chose the black widow base and head. Sculpted the helmet and the re...
DUCHNESS Suicide Squad Member a.K.a Lashina
DC Universe
by optimusleo
My 8th member of the Suicide Squad: Duchess!! Her character was nicely developed in the series and was pretty cool. The fact that she was Lashina fro...
DC Comics Female Furies Lashina
DC Universe
by adi.batara
Lashina, The field leader of the Furies. She is armed with flexible steel bands which she can control telekinetically. Made from DCUC Wonder Woman Sta...
DC Universe Lashina
DC Universe
by da man
I decided that if I was going to make a new Granny I wanted to make a few of her furies, so I made Lashina using a DCUC Katma Tui and a Mcfarlane Dang...
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