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Max Mercury (Quicksilver)
DC Universe
by packerbacker180
A man known by many names Ahwehota, Windrunner, Whip Whirlwind, Lightning, Bluestreak, Quicksilver, and Buckshot. The man who would become known as Ma...
Max Mercury
D.C. Universe
by applesgomeow
Used a spectre body mostly and lower half just changed it out with with extra dcuc legs and it's a flash head. Working on putting together all the fla...
Max Mercury
DC Universe
by steve2477
I wanted to make this custom as i am making a Speed Force team, eventually i'll make the whole team, but this is the first for now. DCUC Blue Beetle ...
Max Mercury
DC Universe
by Bob-A-Ferret
I have to tell you this was harder than expected you see I started this with a DCUC superman body and made the perfect head sculpt but to get the coll...
Max Mercury
DC Direct
by adi.batara
Max Mercury was one of the top DC speedsters and he had help his other fellow flash many times. I made him to complete my works on DC Greatest Speedst...
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