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DCUC Phantom Girl, Legion of Superheroes
DC Universe
by fujimiya.gokunaga
Since Mattel only produced 14 members of "Legion of Superheroes", I decided to make the rest of the members, with the same body proportion f...
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PHANTOM GIRL Tinya Wazzo Legion of Super-Heroes Th
D.C. Universe
by optimusleo
One thing I really liked from the LOSH Threeboot were there costumes! So I decided to make some of them starting with Phantom Girl. The fact she colle...
DC Phantom Girl
DC Universe
by julinestroza
Phantom Girl (real name Tinya Wazzo) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero who appears in books published by DC Comics. In the Post-Zero Ho...
Phantom Girl
DC Superheroes
by argenta-2008
Here is Phantom Girl, merging her animated version (of the first season) with her Apparition costume. Head from Psylocke, cloak and gloves from Scarle...
Phantom Girl
DC Direct
by adi.batara
Another character from my Legion custom figures. A made her totally from DC Direct Donna Troy figure, added some detail using Alteco epoxy resin and p...
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