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JLU Style Jonathan Kent/Phantom Stranger
Justice League Unlimited
by RMK
More of the son of Superman and Wonder Woman from The Kingdom. I wanted to see him in a Bruce Timm style, and I had some JLU figures I couldn't manag...
Jonathan Kent/ Phantom Stranger from the Kingdom
Kingdom Come
by RMK
I'm pretty happy with this one. This is the son of Superman and Wonder Woman, as seen in The Kingdom storyline, which was a sequel to Kingdom Come. H...
The Phantom Stranger
DC Superheroes
by Jake
This custom of the PHANTOM STRANGER based on the DC comics. I knew of this DC character but never cared for him until I read about him Blackest Night ...
The Phantom Stranger.
Super Powers
by sp4evr
This figure is simply a SP Clark kent re-paint with a little sculpting clay.The cape is hand sewn....
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