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Latest Updated Customs

Two Face
D.C. Universe
by Racoon21
This has to be one of my favorite customs. Plus this is my first dc universe custom. I like two face in the comics so this is why i made this custom. ...
Star Lord
Marvel Legends
by Bacchus
Hey guys! Today i give you Star Lord. Been wanting to do a short jacket version of him for a while now but had to wait to get my hands on a second fig...
Bionic Ursula
by To be revealed. . .
I was so bummed that I missed the last contest, I wanted to make sure to get in on this one. This is actually one I have been working on for about 6 ...
TMNT Adventures Stump Wrestling Raphael Black &
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by VaughnMichael13
One of the 10 TMNT Adventures Stump Wrestling Raphaels I did was requested to be done in Black w/ Purple highlights as shown on the covers of the comi...
TMNT Adventures Stump Wrestling Black Costume Raph
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by VaughnMichael13
I've been a huge fan of TMNT as far back as I can remember. Coming across the Archie Adventures comics at a local 7-11 was like finding gold for me as...
Queen Elsa of Arendelle
by To be revealed. . .
Elsa, Queen of Ice and Snow is no longer concealing her powers, she has let go of the fears that once controlled her and here she stands, in the light...
Breakdown with Knockout
Transformers - Movie
by Tony_Stark
These guys where commission pieces. Customer wanted a movie breakdown, based on leader class Ironhide. New scrachtbuilt head, new hands, hammer, alt...
DC Infinite Heroes
by ManyMack Creationz
For the recipe I used MU namor head, added sculpted hair, ears and added a jaw line. Upper body is MU punisher with MU Hyperion upper arms and MU glad...
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Mondo Gecko
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by Topflight Tony
Hey guys, today I present, Mondo Gecko. This was a quick custom that I had the idea for for a while. The ML Blackheart body was very reptilian and I k...
DC Universe
by Redwolf
Thought this base would make a Unique looking Scarecrow. Head - Movie Masters Scarecrow Body - DC Direct Batman Witch Hunter Hood - DC Heroes Spectre...
S.H Figuarts Mystic Gohan
Dragonball Z
by 1andonly5711
Last up for the day I have my Mystic Gohan. When Gohan was a child he was my favorite character. But when he grew up I disliked what the did to the ch...
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Giant Man Marvel Now
Marvel Legends
by Stevid
I got this BAF GM in a trade a few years ago, someone tried making him into a giant size Bullseye. Took me 2 full days to remove all the old paint. Ho...
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Apocalypse V2
Marvel Legends
by Stevid
Here is my V2 Of Apocalypse, this one also made from a C&C Validus with the lower legs of Stel. Head is shrunken version of the TB BAF (Special th...
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Disney Frozen Elsa and Olaf Redesigned(Aka Swolaf)
Marvel Legends
by To be revealed. . .
If you have children under the age of 10, you've probably heard the song "Let It Go" more times than your favorite song ever. Even my 18 mon...
BATMAN - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Super
Movie Masters
by matthancock
Alright well, I couldn't leave well enough alone so I started a DOJ Batman originally on a Movie Masters Zod body. The sculpting was pretty good, but ...
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Horror Hombres II: Jason Voorhees Hellknight
by N TT
Being recruited by the Hellraiser Sanctum was probably the best summer job Jason ever had. Dismemberment, disembowel and do it again. Sculpted the mas...
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Red Robin
DC Universe
by shaka
I took the head and cape off, removed the ears, and sculpted over to smooth out the head. I removed the belt buckle, and replaced it with a small piec...
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Captain America Sam Wilson
Marvel Legends
by BeeCustoms
SO I finished this one about a week after I did the new female thor custom. Here is my interpretation of the new captain america, Sam Wilson! I used t...
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Turok Dinosaur Hunter Thunder ( Boss 3 )
by mistic*Misty
hi who dosent get scared of fighting T-Rex in turok games and what more freaky then a T-Rex with cyber weapons and armor o.O lol so this is the 3rd Bo...
ROBIN EARTH-2 Dick Grayson Custom JSA & JLA Me
DC Universe
by optimusleo
Man, I love this version of Richard in his Earth-2 version! And to get him right a used many parts to minimize rob paint! Head: DCUC Indigo Atom Uppe...
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Syrena Mermaid 3.45
Pirates of the Carribean
by MaxxieJamesCreates
You may have noticed by now, I like mermaids and have made another and it's another Syrena figure to fit in this time with my 3.45 scale Jakks Pacific...
Decepticon Costructicon LONG HAUL
by shaka
Complete repaint and added custom Decepticon Decals....
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Snake Slayer He-Man
Masters of the Universe
by shaka
I sculpted the entire armor, and chest logo with Aves Apoxie Sculpt, I also added a modified sword from by fodder bin, a full paint job with Formula P...
by windblock2007
How are you guys doing today, I hope everyone's fine.I bring to you today, my version of Impact from Image Comics team cyber always I a...
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Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon
by Iron Will
"Death to Ming!" Had leftovers from my Guardians customs so I came up with one that I couldn't believe was missing from my collection. Sti...
Cyberburn : Original
by loosecollector
Good day guys! First figure for the week we have another Customer Original. He's one of my "earlier" works. This is Cyberburn! He's cybern...
Marvel Legends
by Nits
So what if everyone's favorite merc got his hands on another power suit like the one given Mac Gargan by Dr. Farley Stillwell? This is a pretty simpl...
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TASMANIAN DEVIL Hugh Dawkins Global Guardians: Aus
Marvel Legends
by optimusleo
This is the best version, and for us hardcore fans, only version of the Tasmanian Devil character!! I took my last ML Sasquatch and shaved his hair, ...
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Marvel Universe
by Iron Will
Liked the upper but was never a fan of the 70s flare pants on him, so I did an update with a little nod to his old costume. Legs - Hyperion Also inc...
Deejay (Capcom)
Street Fighter
by Comicustoms
Here comes a new challenger!!! Hey, Realmers! Next up is custom I really had to be patient on. But I think I brought all the parts and paints togethe...
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