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On Plastic Wings
Disappointed with the standard Marvel Legends Archangel? Here's how you can make your own, complete with poseable wings!
(by Jin Saotome)   Update Tutorial

Custom Archangel Tutorial

What You'll Need To Start With

  • Silver Surfer Marvel Legends body

  • He Man head (Ice Armor one works nice!)

  • Redeemer Wings from the Spawn Classic Covers

  • Bionicle Ball-joint and Ball-joint base

  • Milliput Epoxy Putty and Plastic Welder

  • X-Acto knife and Dremel tool with various attachments

  • Your paint brushes, paints, some sandpaper, and time to work

Ok, you're wanting to make your own Archangel figure eh? Well here's my custom tutorial with my very own 'recipe' on how I've made mine!

After you've gotten all your supplies and parts ready, time to begin! This is pretty much your basic customization that will feature cutting, drilling, epoxying, and painting. We ready to begin?


Grab your Silver Surfer body and fix anything that needs to be fixed tightening joints, shaving off plastic flash, and removing the head after heating it with a hairdryer. Use a marker or scribe in with an Xacto knife a pattern on the shoulders where you will use your Dremel tool to cut the holes out for the ball-joint bases. Carve out and attach your He-man head now if you want, or later.

Wing Assembly

Carefully take your Bionicle ball-joint and cut away at the bottom shaping it into a rectangle. Use clippers first then shave down with your xacto knife. Cut and flatten the long tab-sections that sprout from the base of the wings that use to attach them to the Redeemer character's body. Half way up you'll take your Dremel tool and carve out a rectangular notch to fit the base of the balljoint in. Test fit it and when you're happy, glue it in place with the Plastic Welder.

Cut out the pattern-sections you marked on your figures back with your Dremel and test-fit the ball-joint bases until they fit, using Plastic weld again to glue them in place. You may need to eliminate the swing-out shoulder joint to get these to fit. Now fix it all up with Milliput and make it look nice, you can even sculpt in tiny feather-lines to help mask where you've puttied over.

Painting Time

Got everything glued and sculpted to your liking? Everything ready to be painted? Wash your wings and body in warm soapy water and get all the mold release and hand oils off. It's base-coat time! I won't go into great detail about how to paint a figure, just check out my painting guide for that. :)

Congratulations you're done! You've created your very own Archangel figure! Now you can find him a base, hang him by a line up over your desk, or just play with him. His wings will have full articulation allowing you to give him some very dynamic poses.

Make sure you have read the disclaimer before attempting anything mentioned in the tutorial.

DrChops - Tuesday, March 4, 2014
This technique works great, and it is also easy. Although Bionicle is not as common in stores right now, they are really cheap used in bulk on ebay. The current toy lines in main-line stores is Hero Factory or Chima by lego. Mega-blocks also makes pop-fit ball joints, larger ones than lego style with a four-sided socket instead of two. This technique can also be used to add, for instance, a tail onto Scorpion or studs for extra, robotic type arms or interchangeable arms if you sculpt over the Lego arm or leg sections. The plastic resists the heat of a sculpey bake, or just use Apoxie.
Rockgermon - Sunday, September 25, 2011
I'm actually using only the insert step of this and the wash off step because I am using vinyl for all my color on the x force archangel figure I am making.

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