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Symbiote Tendrils 2
Another tutorial showing how to make symbiote tendrils.
(by Jin Saotome)   Update Tutorial

What You'll Need to Start Working

  • Plasti Dip, found at Home Depot in the paint isle

  • Some twisty tie wire from a toy package and cutters

  • Acrylic paint and latex if you want to paint them

It's customizing time Again! Remember Plasti Dip is a flammable substance that gives off foul vapors, so work with good ventilation and DO NOT SMOKE around it! Also it's messy and won't come out of the carpet or clothes easy. Set down a mat or newspaper when using this stuff. Take your time and follow the directions, but remember practice makes perfect. Enjoy the guide!

Plasti Dip comes in black as well!! Only thing is, retail stores don't seem to carry it, only the red/blue/yellow colors. You can find it online though, just do a google search for Plasti Dip Black and some sites will come up. Venom has his tendrils!

Make sure you have read the disclaimer before attempting anything mentioned in the tutorial.

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