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Joint Pains
Yes, action figures get them too, here's how to help stop the paint from chipping-off at the joints.
(by Jin Saotome)   Update Tutorial

Well you've completed your custom and are pretty darn proud. You go to put him in a cool superhero pose but what's this?? The paint is coming off from the joints, arrrgh! Well you're not alone, joint rub and paint wear is a problem that plagues customizers day in and day out. Sometimes it's mild, sometimes it's glaring. This guide will help you reduce joint rub in many of the main places it shows up. Keep in mind every figure is different and sometimes one will require more extreme measures than another to stop the paint from rubbing. Using these tips you shouldn't need to take your figure apart. These tips use a Dremel, file, some sandpaper, an X-acto knife, and some superglue. With a little practice you should be able to nip joint rub in the bud!

Remember this is only a guide! I've come across figures where nothing but cracking the sucker open and sanding down/superglue-shielding all the rubbing edges work. Other times you'll only need to use a few of these tips. In any case work slow and don't get frustrated. Good luck!

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