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Sword Canes
Because airport-security won't accept "but I need the sword to cut-up my fruit!" as an excuse, here's how to make sword-canes for your figures.
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A sword cane is pretty self explanatory - originating in the east in where it was outlawed for peasants to carry swords in public - its been utilized by Yakuza, Ninja in disguise, even Monks as a concealed weapon.

It became a gentleman about towns fashion statement in the west (as well as a self defense weapon) from the 15th century onwards.

A sword cane is basically a hidden blade of variable size within a staff or a walking cane.

  1. Make a stiff blade (knife, dagger, sai, rapier or guardless ninjato) out of any of the following:

    • a bobby pin

    • a Hair Grip

    • Large Darning needle

    • Meat skewer

    Even plastic bought thin weapons like zorro rapiers, or the MK Shaolin Monks or ML Elektra sais make a tough but slender blade from scratch out off Fimo or Super Sculpey.

  2. Hunt for a straw or lollipop stick (usually of the plastic variety) that will be a suitable size for your blade. I find the slim drink straws off the back of kids drink cartons like capri-sun are a good size, but straw applicators from can of WD40 are the thinnest I’ve seen. What you essentially need is something you don’t need to exert pressure on to push you blade into and withdraw from its new resting place. I've made hidden blades like this for Zatoichi customs and a Joker custom.

Make sure you have read the disclaimer before attempting anything mentioned in the tutorial.

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