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Hair Sculpting
Tutorial that explains how to sculpt hair.
(by Punstarr)   Update Tutorial

First, get a set of sculpting tools, like these. I got this set for $15.00 at my local gaming shop (they ordered it for me).

This one here is the most important (to me anyway) for hair sculpting.

Now, take a look at the top of the head and the back.

I highly suggest using Apoxie sculpt, since it's stronger and you can essentially control the rigidity of the sculpt depending on how long after mixing it you begin sculpting. For hair sculpting, I take a glob of soft Apoxie that I've just mixed and put it onto the bare head in the general shape that I think the hair should have. Then I wait for about 45 minutes to start sculpting. Remember, you're not shaping the hair strands; you're carving the grooves in between each "strand".

The basic technique is this: I wet the tip of the tool with water of even my tongue (I do this for each "stroke") and then beginning closest to the forehead, facing toward the back of the head, I slowly bring the handle down, so the blade of the tool makes a rocking motion toward the back of the head. Not too hard, but not too soft, either. It's important not to "slice", or drag the tool since this is likely to catch on the sculpt and tear it. Lather. Rinse. repeat.

To get that cool bangs effect, I actually added separate strands of sculpt, cut to a specific length and rubbed on and shaped to make it look natural. I found an exacto knife helped a lot in that precision work.

I hope this helped. Hopefully it'll help you on your way. Once I got the tools everything just kind of clicked. Good luck!

Make sure you have read the disclaimer before attempting anything mentioned in the tutorial.

Treywhite4 - Thursday, July 2, 2015
Could you im me & explain how to do the hair of a Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, you can use google if you need to
stitch0077 - Thursday, October 2, 2014
What about long hair beards
Jedi_Kunle - Monday, May 9, 2011
Will this work with making the hair long?
Optimus Primer - Thursday, June 11, 2015

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