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How to Add Sunglasses
(by NEOTHEONE)   Update Tutorial

This is an easy(im 13 and i came up with it , surely you can do it) tutorial on how to make perminate sunglasses on a figure.(my only idea to make sunglasses that come off(ive never tried) is to finish coloring the lenses (later in the tutorial)and then get some type of thin wire and shape the ear pieces and super glue the lenses to the wire)

  1. Get the materials you need:

    • Figure

    • super glue

    • cardboard

    • scissors

    • fingernail filer

    • Permanite marker (you choose color) (do not use black sharpie cause it turns out blue)

  2. Take your cardboard and cut out two lenses(you choose shape) that are almost identical (make it as close as you can)and lay them over the eyes to make sure it looks good.

  3. Color your lenses with the permanite marker.

  4. fill the eye with super glue and lay the lense over the glue( do one at a time) and use the tip of the scissors(not your finger) to position the lense in the right place. Do the same for both eyes.

    you now have lenses

  5. Now carefully and I MEAN CAREFULLY draw the wire on the face with your perminate marker.

  6. If any marker goes haywire then use your fingernail filer to remove any marker(for bigger figures(6inch and up use the fingernail filer for the lenses(thats what i used for my agent Brown figure)

  7. You have a finished product.

Here are some of my other customs with glasses (not including my agent brown , he is on figure realm custom showcase)

  1. Neo

  2. Agent Johnson

Make sure you have read the disclaimer before attempting anything mentioned in the tutorial.

Fat Boy Custom - Sunday, January 1, 2012
NOOOO!!! Shawn Michaels, the wrestling legend without his own eye!!!!
Snake76930 - Thursday, June 16, 2011
Change your camera ! No, that's a good work, very easy ^^

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