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On Pouches/Holsters
How to add pouches to your action figure.
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A pouch is a good way to avoid strange looks when coming back from a job. This goes double for the sorts of grisly trophies of the Space Marines, Deadpool's teleportation device, or firearm parts for your day-to day assasin. Instead of having vague chunks of putty, you want to know how to make these.

1. Hunt around for the following:
plasticard, carboard, anything , flat, stiff,yet flexible.
Sculpting material, Greenstuff, Tamiya Putty, etc.
your most well-versed and verstile sculpting tool(s).

2. Take a piece of plasticard and coat it thinly in sculpey, smoothing it out. Repeat this 3-4 times.
3. If you want your pouch to sag or bulge a certain way, fit the pieces together and bend to your will. The final piece that would close over the pouch should be longer and overlap the lower piece.
4. For a HOLSTER only , cut away at the upper flap to allow a gun handle to pass through, enlarge this if you want the gun to be removeable. look at reference photos of holsters for styles.
5. smooth the pieces and fit them together for the final time, covering all seams. Roll and apply thin snake(s) of putty for leather "rims" around the seams. Sculpt any indentation(s) and button(s) you may want.
6. Dry, bake, or set the putty and paint.

Make sure you have read the disclaimer before attempting anything mentioned in the tutorial.

GJLCreative - Friday, April 18, 2014
how about some pictures?

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