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Muscle Definition
How to define muscle with paint.
(by superarticulated)   Update Tutorial

1. We will be using a fine brush, skintone paint, and water. Like the wash some modellers will be familiar with, dilute paint, depending on the brand, until it is thinned yet retains its stickiness.
2.Apply this over the bland, dull, tone of your action figure, coating it entirely. Brush it so that most of the water is gone, leaving a subtle yet noticeable tinge.
3.Try to have a sense of lighting, and apply liberally in "shadowed" areas for definiton. You can use any color, so this technique is good for costumed heroes and villains.
4. If there is greater contrast between light and dark, rather than a bland monotone, especially around the face, a dramatic effect is created.

Make sure you have read the disclaimer before attempting anything mentioned in the tutorial.

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